Week 2

Posted: September 22, 2009 in NFL

If you think week 1 was something to watch week 2 brought about even more excitement! The Jets are FRESH off a DUB over the Patriots and feeling as clean as ever. I watched every “pro” analyst say the J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS! JETS! didn’t stand a chance. I have to wonder, who is the genius signing these guys checks? Jets 16-9 over the Pats.

The hard nosed defenses seem to be getting the best of high powered offensive teams early on this season. San Fran fresh off a week 1 SNUFF of Arizona came back this week and completely stomped on Seattle to the tune of 23 to 10. Frank Gore Got in on the act, got his Barry Sanders onnnnn, which some what over shadowed the defensive clinic that literally sent Hasselbeck to the clinic. (cracked ribs) If they keep hitting this way they may want to see what’s good with keeping a coroner on the sideline cause they are dropping more bombs than Bill Clinton in desert storm. Speaking of Bomb, if a football was a 500 pound mark 82, then Drew “cool” Brees is the F-15 fighter jet carrying it. The man is unreal and I mean laser guided precision unreal. He’s definitely doing defenses up something proper! 9 TD’s in the first two games?!?!? Really?!?! Before you say, Oh they played Detroit in week one, let’s remember that Philly nabbed 4 picks last week and forced a fumble and were not so fortunate this week. N.O. 48-22

Scores and stuff…

The “A” held off Carolina 28-20

Purple Hayzues wasn’t his normal self but PPP chewed up the “D” 27-13

Green Bay fell to Cincy at home (doubleyou-tee-eff) 31-24

Zona bounced back and Got the W over the Jags 31-17

The Houston Andre Johnson’s out lasted The Titans, 34-31

Skins tried their best to lose to St.Louis…again. But couldn’t. skins 9-7

Tampa bay still winless. Buffalo wins despite T.O.’s case of the dropsies. 33-20

Bears 17 Steelers 14 …They obviously need their warrior.

Denver 27 Cleveland 6…. Who really cares?

Baltimore 31 San Diego 26…

Indianapolis wins on MNF despite having the ball for less than 20 minutes. Miami’s Wild Cat eats the clock but doesn’t produce the W…. Horses 27 Fish 23.

The Giants spoiled the Dallas HDTV home opener in front of 106k. Crowds mean nothing in the pros to experienced big game tested teams. G-Men 33-31 over The Boys. (at least the replays looked nice on the scoreboard)

m0yo signing off!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think you found your niche, mayne.

    Mr. Red-Square-chillin.

  2. LOL @ Purple Hayzeus…too funny. I think it was a big win by NYG, they might be head up with the Saints right now to make a run at the NFC Championship.


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