The return of da U?

Posted: September 18, 2009 in college football

This week marked the second time the Canes have had a primetime game in this young college football season. The opponent was a highly ranked Georgia Tech squad, and the Canes took them apart. Quite ruthlessly might I add.

This begs the question, is da U on an uptick? Has Randy Shannon put in the work necessary to get MIA back on the college football map? The Canes definitely have some swagger. It was evident on the field, particularly in Jacory Harris.

On one play, he sheepishly grinned at the sideline after hitting the fullback on a wheel route. Coach Shannon has put Harris on an extensive film study. He was making his progressions throughout the game. He used his legs to buy time to find an open receiver.

This is more about da U, though. The D was flying around like they used to. There was the hootin, hollerin, and preening of old.

It’s good to see da U start to return to what they used to be. College football is much less interesting without the Canes doin what they do.

Their opponent did not adapt properly. The Canes are full of that FL speed so an option ground game is not gonna cut it just ask Eric Crouch and Nebraska. They will stretch out an option play and blow it up.

Maybe if MIA gets a bowl game, Coach Shannon will let them wear fatigues again. I’m just sayin.

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