Week 1

Posted: September 14, 2009 in football, NFL, sports opinion
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Buddy, there are some things to talk about. 

  • The Chiefs played the Ravens tighter than Stank-0 expected.  Still not convinced that Croyle can fill in for Cassel though.  The Chiefs also need to create consistent pressure.  Blitz fellas, it works.  Also Leggette is a player. 
  • Drew Brees throwing 6 TDs against the Lions is a form of reverse point shaving.  Stank-0 will believe when he plays against a good D.  
  • Ed the Sports Fan had it right, Delhomme is done as a starting QB.  In two games (going back to last season) he’s throwing…6 INTs. 
  • Favre doesn’t need to do anything except not screw up in Minnesota.  His best pass is a hand off to AD. 
  • The 49ers might be a sleeper team.  Patrick Willis and Nate Clements anchor the D.  Also, Coach Singletary seems genetically unable to smile.
  • The Super Bowl hangover curse is alive and well.  The Cards didn’t seem to be ready to play. 
  • Romo played very well too.  Still think they dealt for the wrong Lions receiver.  Should have gone for Calvin Johnson rather than Roy Williams.  
  • The Skins have some offensive problems and it might get worse when the Rams come to town fresh off a shut out to the C-hawks.  Coach Zorn, consider running no-huddle for entire series.  It worked towards the end of the game. 
  • The Mark Sanchez era looks to be off to a good start.  He was sharp still not sold that he’s ready to start as a rookie.  The game moves too fast and there’s too much to absorb as a rookie, let alone a QB.  Then again it was against the Texans.  
  • The Packers and Bears bout to get into it.Thoughts?
  • The Patriots get the first Monday night game going against the Bills and T.O.  Brady, Moss, and T.O.!?

Some thoughts on the analysts teams. 

  • CBS has a nice foursome.  Shannon, Boom, and Dan have worked together for some time.  Coach brings a fresh perspective.  There’s no better TV man than James Brown. 
  • The FOX team is good but it’s not as great as it used to be.  This current group of Terry Bradshaw, Michael Strahan, Howie Long, and Coach Johnson is…dunno.  Remember when Collinsworth was on FOX with James Brown?  That was a good team. 
  • The NBC team seems to be a comglomeration of spare parts.  Keith Olbermann, Dan Patrick, Coach Dungy, and Rodney Harrison?  Tiki as the sideline reporter?  Bob Costas outside of the booth?  Seems too mismatched.  Keith and Dan both do the deadpan, that’s two too many.  Cut one, probably Keith since he already has a job on MSNBC.  Keep Coach Dungy, he drops knowledge.  Collinsworth is also a good pair with Al Michaels, keep that.
  • The MNF team?  Oi vey.  Blow it up and start over.  Overpay to get Pat Summerall from wherever he is to come back.  The find someone else to pair up with him.  Actually Stank-0 heard a good call guy during the Wake Forest vs. Stanford game.  Call him up. 

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