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a sports bucket list?

Posted: September 12, 2009 in sports opinion

This was actually brought on by my gf.  She mentioned that we need to go to the US Open (advantage Jigga).  Of course, Stank-0 being the sports aficionado he is, agreed.  This brought on another thought, Stank-0’s sports bucket list. 

You are by now familiar with the term “bucket list” due to the Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson movie with the same title.  If not, it refers to a list of things you must do before you “kick the bucket.”  So let’s apply that to sports shall we.  Stank-0 can think of a few things to put on his sports bucket list.  Here’s a quick run down.

  • The Olympics:  M0yo, Stank-0 (and some friends) have some preliminary plans to go to London in 2012.  Women’s gymnastics, men’s basketball, women’s beach volleyball, football (soccer)
  • The World Cup:  there were plans to attend the upcoming one in J-burg, S. Africa.  That has now been put on the backburner.  In any case, to spend time with people the world over united by our love of football (soccer) just looks fun.
  • UEFA Championship:  It just looks like it would be fun.  The very best of Europe clash for the title.
  • The World Series deciding game (preferably game 7):  Stank-0 hasn’t watched an entire WS in years.  Just let me see the game that could end it.  
  • NCAA Final Four:  On TV, it looks like it would be live.  Especially, if the Jayhawks are playing.
  • The Super Bowl:  the biggest unofficial holiday in the US and the biggest one day sports spectacle on Earth.
  • Texas vs. Oklahoma and Ohio State vs. Michigan:  The definition of rivalry games.  To have half of a stadium hate the other half?  BRILLIANT! 
  • the finish line of the Tour de France:  The biggest cycling event in the world.  To just be there.
  • the finish line of the Iditarod:  Yeah it’s cold, but it’s the ultimate endurance-man vs. nature battle. 
  • Daytona 500:  Since this has overtaken the Indy 500 as the biggest race in the country, it makes sense to go see this at some point.  

At this point, Stank-0 will turn it over to you.  What did Stank-0 miss?  Is this a good list? 

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