How is this possible

Posted: September 10, 2009 in NFL, sports opinion

This phenomenon has puzzled Stank-0 since he arrived in the DMV (DC-MD-VA area). Hopefully you full time residents can break it down for Stank-0 so it remains forever broken down.

When did it become acceptable to be a fan of your division rival? Where they do that at? Stank-0 has seen people who have never even been in the state of Texas proclaim they are Cowboys’ fans. O RLY!? Stank-0 can guarantee you there are no public proclamations in the Lone Star State about being Redskins fans. NOT NEVER! Outside of Houston, everyone is a Cowboys’ fan.

Stank-0 is a tried and true Chiefs’ fan, grew up with them. Stank-0 can’t even imagine being a fan of the Broncos (let alone the Raiders and Chargahs). It’s like dividing 1 by 0, it does not compute!

Stank-0 can understand those whom have moved from heaven aka Texas and live in DC being Cowboys’ fans. You follow your hometown team, but uh….being from DC and a Cowboys’ fan? Look hate on the Skins all you want, but don’t join the enemy. How do you look at yourself in the mirror during football season and like who’s looking back at you? Sounds fake to me.

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