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Just in case you weren’t aware

Posted: September 10, 2009 in NFL, sports opinion

Today the 2009-2010 NFL Season starts! As Stank-0 ages (gracefully and very very slowly) he has come to see the wisdom of pre-season. That’s right sports fans (and fanettes), those 4 “meaningless” games do serve a purpose. Most leagues draft fairly soon into the the preseason so you need to be watching as many teams as you possibly can. If you are a fantasy football person, it is a time to look at how the player “plays” during the game.

Are they a step slow? Dropping too many balls? Missing blocks?
Getting beat like they stole something? Misreading defenses?
Throwing bad passes? Have they sufficiently healed up from surgery? Are they trying to get dealt? Were they suspended?

Pre-season answers all those questions, my friends (no McCain).

These games also give you a look at the depth (or lack thereof) your team has. Worried about your lone back wearing out too soon? Worried that there are too many skill players and not enough receptions and passes to go around? Pre-season will show you a glimpse into your season, but only a glimpse because the first unit offense and defense don’t play very long.

Now you can put all those questions, worries, and concerns to the side and revel in the upcoming season opener. Another blog said this and it rings true, no other sport brings people together like football.

Baseball is supposedly America’s pastime (whatever), but only baseball fanatics purists really gather on a regular basis to watch, the game moves too slowly, and the season is too long. The NBA has an image problem it’s grappeling with and there are only a few teams that will actually vie for the title in any given season (Don’t forget the star calls.) Hockey? (Author’s note: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH….HAHAHAHAHA) Not likely.

Think about. A common question is where are we watching the game (at)? People (ok, men) rearrange their lives for football. You can’t really DVR it because people start dissecting the game after it’s over, you’re bound to hear the score and the highlights.

A quick aside: Mr. Goodell, there’s not need to add any more pomp, pagentry, and circumstance to opening Thursday. Football is back on. You don’t need to do anything else.

So take comfort in the fact that in about T-minus 3 hours and fifty two minutes…life will be grand until about February.

How is this possible

Posted: September 10, 2009 in NFL, sports opinion

This phenomenon has puzzled Stank-0 since he arrived in the DMV (DC-MD-VA area). Hopefully you full time residents can break it down for Stank-0 so it remains forever broken down.

When did it become acceptable to be a fan of your division rival? Where they do that at? Stank-0 has seen people who have never even been in the state of Texas proclaim they are Cowboys’ fans. O RLY!? Stank-0 can guarantee you there are no public proclamations in the Lone Star State about being Redskins fans. NOT NEVER! Outside of Houston, everyone is a Cowboys’ fan.

Stank-0 is a tried and true Chiefs’ fan, grew up with them. Stank-0 can’t even imagine being a fan of the Broncos (let alone the Raiders and Chargahs). It’s like dividing 1 by 0, it does not compute!

Stank-0 can understand those whom have moved from heaven aka Texas and live in DC being Cowboys’ fans. You follow your hometown team, but uh….being from DC and a Cowboys’ fan? Look hate on the Skins all you want, but don’t join the enemy. How do you look at yourself in the mirror during football season and like who’s looking back at you? Sounds fake to me.