Wetting your NFL beak

Posted: September 7, 2009 in football, NFL, sports opinion
Manning is a man on the move as he goes through his presnap repertoire. Robert Deutsch, USA Today

Stank-0 stumbled upon this Peyton Manning article after trying to find out when he was drafted (#1 1998).

A few things to remember: 

  • the Colts’ offense has not huddled for a few years.  That’s impressive.  He makes the correct call from the line. 
  • He keeps copious notes from previous games and guards them like state secrets.
  • The continuity in having the same offensive coordinator (Tom Moore) and quarterback.  Is Moore still on the Colts’ staff? 

An example of the depth of Peyton’s knowledge. 

Manning used to go to the line with only two passes and about four run options. Now the Colts’ full playbook is at his disposal, with pass plays dictated by down and distance, field position and his telepathy with receivers Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Brandon Stokley and tight end Dallas Clark.

The Colts go into every game with two-tight end and three-wide receiver concepts.

Is Peyton ready to return back to the form we have grown accustomed to?  It seems that Peyton has a Kobe-like obsession with his craft, why don’t we hear about this type of thing with Eli? 

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