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Week 3

Posted: September 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

OH man …week 3 was eventful. You got to call the lions the top story of the week. It’s not because it was a win against a marquee team or anything but going 0-19 and snapping that type of streak is a big deal. I for one was not even a bit surprised to see the Redskins fall and you could just tell by how the game felt that it was coming. I don’t even know how to explain the Redskins honestly. They need more than a blow up of the roster. I’d say a culture change was in order. Something’s got to give though. Being “that team” who finally gives it up has to say something about the organization in its entirety. I’m happy for the lions though It was like watching Simba return to pride rock when I as a kid. Uncle Scar took a plunge. (Skins) and a happy ending ensued. The only thing that was missing was the baboon and his stick. Lions 19 Skins 14.

Let’s talk about the young performers for a moment though shall we? I need to give B-more a shout out because I didn’t really say much in reference to them last week. Flacco really seems to be progressing nicely. The kid has at times carried a Veteran- laden team. He’s earned his respect and I’m giving it up to him. Ravens completely dominated both sides of the ball. Black Birds 34 Turds 3.

Now, I can’t say Flacco without talking about Mark Sanchez. The numbers aren’t that great and he doesn’t have the arm Flacco has but for the first three games he has been a very passionate leader and has done enough to keep his team moving the ball on offense. Lowering a shoulder on an NFL safety was ballsy in my opinion but let’s face it, if the Jets are going anywhere right now, the defense will take them there. Sanchez just needs to try to be Big Ben when he was a rookie. The talent is there at other spots on the field. Jets 24 Titans 17

The run down…

The G-men did what was expected. Giants 24 Bucs 0

Packers got back on track and laid the smacketh down on the Lou. Pack 36 Rams 17

Philly made it look easy…a little too easy. Eagles 34 Chiefs 14

Atlanta decided to be a no show in New England. Pats 26 Falcons 10

The Houston Andre Johnson’s came up short at home. Jags 31 H-town 24

New Orleans …. Buffalo….duh……..27 to 7 (T.O. will geek out very soon I promise)

Da bears went up to the Monsoon city and got their W. City of Chi 25 Seagulls 19

Cincy took out the champs and should be 3-0 right now. Who DAT 23 Thieves 20

Miami is still win less. Can you say one trick pony? Wild What? Chargers 23 MIA 13

Oakland got clobbered by Denver 23 to 3

Arizona Did the same at the hands of the Colts. 31-10 on MNF

One quick side note before we leave. Those who know me know I am a Favre fan. The only thing better than that pass he threw Sunday was the catch the receiver made.(I dare someone to name him without looking it up) A lot of people aren’t fond of Favre especially considering the retirement fence he seems to stay on but this is why you watch Favre. There is a sort of Magic that you always feel might happen when he plays. Abnormally good things always tend to happen and as long as you can take the good with the bad…The good is usually greatness.

And I’m out!

Goon hunt, part 2

Posted: September 29, 2009 in NFL, sports opinion

So if you have been reading, you saw part one of Stank-0’s NFL goon hunt. Too avoid being excessively wordy and to make you come back for the next installment, it was split into two parts AFC and NFC. We covered the AFC so it’s the NFC’s turn now.

NFC East:

Giants: Brandon Jacobs aka the Hammer and Justin Tuck are the only players with enough goon in them to warrant any mention. Jacobs has run over too many people to not have some goon in him. Osi didn’t make this list because he seems to nice on the gridiron. He gotta show Stank-0 something.

Cowboys: Marion Barber and DeMarcus Ware. Mr. Stiff Arm has to make this list. He just runs mean. Ware is a problem. You can’t block him (No Dwight Howard) and he’s the only defensive player you have to account for all the time.
Redskins: London Fletcher and Laron Landry. Fletcher folded Jacobs last week, enough said. He plays with a chip on his shoulder and Landry is just lookin to hit someone out there.

Eagles: They have quite a few on this team. Maybe it’s because of the city or the fans, but they have an unnatural number of players with goon tendencies. Surprisingly, they have a number on offense.

NFC West:

49ers: Stank-0 is gonna surprise you but the first name (and maybe the only name) on this list from this team is Coach Singletary. His rant for last year is Exhibit A of how he is built.

Seahawks: HAHAHAHAHA. Moving along.

Cardinals: Anquan Boldin. Anyone who gets knocked smooth out of a game and is back in two weeks is grade A goon.

Rams: Coming up empty.

NFC North:

Vikings: the Williams’ boys and Jared Allen. Allen looks like he could get kicked out of the league tomorrow and become a bounty hunter the next day.

Packers: uh….Stank-0 will let M0yo answer that one.

Bears: Jay Cutler, and most of the defense. Cutler went straight gutter in forcing his way to the city of Wind. That gets you a goon stamp. The Bears D in general is a goon mob, but a few players are a cut above the rest.

Lions: none to speak of but may the organization is starting to morph into something close.

NFC South:

Falcons: nope too many nice and presentable character guys.
Saints: Jeremy Shockey has a goon feel to him, but that does not necessarily make him one.

Panthers: Julius Peppers and Steve Smith. Peppers been acting up since he was at UNC and Steve Smith cemented his bonafides when he sonned Jake Delhomme on the sidelines. He was already guaranteed a place in the goon HOF when he beat down a teammate last year during training camp.

Bucs: Kellen Winslow is the at the top of their team’s list. Aqib Talib and Cadillac show some flashes from time to time.

[Shout out to Ed the Sports Fan]

You need more goons! part I

Posted: September 28, 2009 in sports opinion

Ah goons! The glue to a squad or the combustion that blows them apart. Sometimes that can be the one and the same (i.e. Ron Artest, before and after the Brawl).

Many sports bloggers (and commentors) have admitted the necessity of having some goons on the squad. If you look at some past Super Bowl and NBA Finals winners, there is at least one serviceable goon.

The Pittsburgh Steelers:

They are fortunate to have no less than two goons in the person of Hines Ward and James Harrison. Ward gets a special place on any goon list for breakin a cat’s jaw while blocking!

Stank-0 heard from someone who’s boy is trying to make the Steelers team, that Harrison reported said, “I won’t talk to anyone who doesn’t make more money than me except Troy because he’s on that spiritual s**t.” He also reported told one of the rooks to do something way out of pocket, to “see how they would react.” Goon tested, goon approved.

The Los Angeles Lakers:

Sly as it’s kept Lamar Odom is one of those special goons, the kind from the Empire State. Must be something about all those people living in such close proximity that brings the inner gutter to the surface. Odom on more than one occasion has just said somethin to someone and a fight was imminent of breaking out.

Black Mamba himself does not qualify, he’s tryin to hard to be like MJ. You can’t wil’ out on someone when you are tryin to emulate His Airness.

Now they have added prolly the #1 goon in sports, Ron Artest. Son still looks like he would black out on someone if they push him.

Where is Stank-0 goin with this? Good question. After lookin around the NFL post-week 3, Stank-0 has surmised that you can look at a teams’ goon # and tell if they will have future success. It is that simple.

AFC East:

The NY Jets have a certified gangsta in Bart Scott. He soaked the game up from Ray Ray and took it to the Meadowlands.

The Pats have dealt or lost theirs to retirement. Honestly name one on their team that is entering his prime?

Bills? Nope.

Dolphins: Joey Porter. He brought his goon from Pittsburgh.

AFC West:

There really isn’t one in the entire division except for Brandon Marshall and Shawne Merriman. It’s kinda sad actually.

AFC North:

Ravens: They seem to grow goons. There are too many to even list. Most are on the defensive side but they have a few offensive ones as well. It begins with goon Godfather Ray Lewis.

The Bengals overloaded with goons a while back, they are startin just now to recalibrate their goon-to-non-goon number. They were trying to out-goon each other.

Steelers: (see above)

Browns: zilch which is why they are playing so horribly.

AFC South:

Tennessee: Their running backs play with a mean streak, and their D line. Sly as its kept, they have a fair number of goons in Nashville.

Indianapolis: They have a half goon in Dwight Freeney but he doesn’t seem to exude it very well. Coincidentally Bob Sanders was there when they won the Super Bowl.

Jacksonville: No less than two, John Henderson and Reggie Nelson.

Houston: Andre Johnson and he brought it with him from Da U.

Brief aside: Is there a better goon factory than da U? Their output has slowed lately but they have contributed more goons than into the NFL than anyone else. By. Far. Stank-0 is tempted to include USC but their players don’t seem to exude the attitude MIA players do. They act like YOU should be grateful to be on the same field.

Is Stank-0 totally off on this? Also, read Ed’s take on goons as well.

Week 3 special

Posted: September 27, 2009 in NFL, sports opinion

Week 3 was supposed to be all about Vick and the Eagles.  They toyed with the Chieftains however they liked.  It wasn’t even close and Dwayne Bowe’s injury removed the one skill player the Chiefs even had.  That’s not even the biggest story of the week. 

The Iggles skill players are comin into their own. 

McNabb’s injury is a blessing in disguise.  Kolb gets some valuable playing time and he gets some familiarity with the skill players. 

The DETRIOT LIONS finally won a game!  The Skins did not get it in gear soon enough and fell.  Mark Stafford has a howitzer for an arm.  Once he learns some touch, he will be dangerous. 

Stank-0 still believes the Cowboys traded for the wrong Lions wideout.  Calvin Johnson is a manimal, meast, manster, etc.  He is 6’5″, 220 lbs.  Roy Williams just doesn’t have that “it” factor.  Q, Fitz, Moss, Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson, Santana Moss, Ocho Cinco, and Brandon Marshall have “it.” 

Stank-0 is officially a Mark Sanchez believer.  That kid has “it.”  He won’t wow you with his arm but he makes plays.  Maybe 16 collegiate games is all you need.  *Shrugs* 

Stank-0 will let M0yo come through and bless us with more NFL posts. 

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Week 2

Posted: September 22, 2009 in NFL

If you think week 1 was something to watch week 2 brought about even more excitement! The Jets are FRESH off a DUB over the Patriots and feeling as clean as ever. I watched every “pro” analyst say the J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS! JETS! didn’t stand a chance. I have to wonder, who is the genius signing these guys checks? Jets 16-9 over the Pats.

The hard nosed defenses seem to be getting the best of high powered offensive teams early on this season. San Fran fresh off a week 1 SNUFF of Arizona came back this week and completely stomped on Seattle to the tune of 23 to 10. Frank Gore Got in on the act, got his Barry Sanders onnnnn, which some what over shadowed the defensive clinic that literally sent Hasselbeck to the clinic. (cracked ribs) If they keep hitting this way they may want to see what’s good with keeping a coroner on the sideline cause they are dropping more bombs than Bill Clinton in desert storm. Speaking of Bomb, if a football was a 500 pound mark 82, then Drew “cool” Brees is the F-15 fighter jet carrying it. The man is unreal and I mean laser guided precision unreal. He’s definitely doing defenses up something proper! 9 TD’s in the first two games?!?!? Really?!?! Before you say, Oh they played Detroit in week one, let’s remember that Philly nabbed 4 picks last week and forced a fumble and were not so fortunate this week. N.O. 48-22

Scores and stuff…

The “A” held off Carolina 28-20

Purple Hayzues wasn’t his normal self but PPP chewed up the “D” 27-13

Green Bay fell to Cincy at home (doubleyou-tee-eff) 31-24

Zona bounced back and Got the W over the Jags 31-17

The Houston Andre Johnson’s out lasted The Titans, 34-31

Skins tried their best to lose to St.Louis…again. But couldn’t. skins 9-7

Tampa bay still winless. Buffalo wins despite T.O.’s case of the dropsies. 33-20

Bears 17 Steelers 14 …They obviously need their warrior.

Denver 27 Cleveland 6…. Who really cares?

Baltimore 31 San Diego 26…

Indianapolis wins on MNF despite having the ball for less than 20 minutes. Miami’s Wild Cat eats the clock but doesn’t produce the W…. Horses 27 Fish 23.

The Giants spoiled the Dallas HDTV home opener in front of 106k. Crowds mean nothing in the pros to experienced big game tested teams. G-Men 33-31 over The Boys. (at least the replays looked nice on the scoreboard)

m0yo signing off!

Inching closer to another superfight

Posted: September 20, 2009 in Boxing

Floyd “Pretty Boy,” “Money” Mayweather still has it according to ESPN Punch by Punch analysis.

Some excerpts:

Round 6: Mayweather is in another class in terms of speed, size, and

Round 6: Mayweather slams home a right as Marquez is caught in a
corner. Marquez’s face is a mess. Mayweather hardly looks blemished.

The Twitterverse is talkin as well. A few of those thoughts: Floyd is a surgeon in the ring. This s**t is a clinic. And on and on (no Badu). Barring an unforseen breakdown, Mayweather will win his first fight in two years. Should we be surprised?

This man was born to box. His training methods are ridiculous and his father and uncle are in his corner. That’s alot of boxing knowledge to tap into. I remember reading that Floyd’s sparring is with 5 minute rounds and 30 second rests in between.

All eyes will look for a Pacquiao-Mayweather superbout and frankly it’s about time. Money still got it and Pacman is supposed to be the new P4P (pound for pound) king. Clash of the titans, son!

There is no other fight boxing fans want to see besides Pacman vs. Pretty Boy. Make it happen.

Beware of the Company you keep….

Posted: September 18, 2009 in NFL, sports opinion

A few weeks back (well 2 weeks actually) one of my favorite former Maryland Terrapins (Go Terps!!!!) and current member of my beloved San Diego Chargers was caught up in a bit of trouble. Shawne Merriman was charged and served with a citizen’s arrest by Tila Tequila of reality TV and model (internets) fame. Tila said that she was held against her will and assaulted.

Without any information other than that, this story ran all over every TV station I saw for the next day in some form or fashion. CNN, ESPN, ABC, CBS, Fox, etc. This was crazy to me that so many people blew this up and no other facts were known. In the end no real chargers were drawn due to a lack of evidence, but the damage was done.

This scenario really made me mad. Not just because it involved a player and a team that I am a supporter of, but also because of the way this was portrayed. Shawne “Lights Out” Merriman, out last season due to an injury and part of the year before from steroids, assaults and holds Tila (im too small to be on TV) Tequila against her will.

It just doesnt play correctly to me. Where was the innocent until proven guilty? Where was the necessary time for an investigation. There wasn’t any time for any of that, in this twittercentric world we are in now. If its thought too quickly and hits the web its gone, and gone forever. Cannot be changed or altered and will definitely have a lasting impact on many people.

In this quick to judge and label timeframe anything you do or are thought to do is under a microscope….

So to any folks that may read this please keep this in mind as you go about your daily activities.


The return of da U?

Posted: September 18, 2009 in college football

This week marked the second time the Canes have had a primetime game in this young college football season. The opponent was a highly ranked Georgia Tech squad, and the Canes took them apart. Quite ruthlessly might I add.

This begs the question, is da U on an uptick? Has Randy Shannon put in the work necessary to get MIA back on the college football map? The Canes definitely have some swagger. It was evident on the field, particularly in Jacory Harris.

On one play, he sheepishly grinned at the sideline after hitting the fullback on a wheel route. Coach Shannon has put Harris on an extensive film study. He was making his progressions throughout the game. He used his legs to buy time to find an open receiver.

This is more about da U, though. The D was flying around like they used to. There was the hootin, hollerin, and preening of old.

It’s good to see da U start to return to what they used to be. College football is much less interesting without the Canes doin what they do.

Their opponent did not adapt properly. The Canes are full of that FL speed so an option ground game is not gonna cut it just ask Eric Crouch and Nebraska. They will stretch out an option play and blow it up.

Maybe if MIA gets a bowl game, Coach Shannon will let them wear fatigues again. I’m just sayin.

You be the judge…

Posted: September 17, 2009 in football, NFL, sports opinion
Let’s set the stage.   Some opinions from twitter. 

****** (identities have been withheld)
Why are you posting this? This is IRRESPONSIBLE reporting! RT @ProFootballTalk Odd quote of Steve Smith 2 Delhomme

******* (identities have been withheld)
If Terrell owens did that, the world would end. ESPN would run a 1-hr special.

Stank-0 has to agree.  If T.O did this then it would been on ESPN 24/7.  He would be the worse player in the NFL.  What is it that has people in such a tizzy? 

Go here. Then read this


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Week 1

Posted: September 14, 2009 in football, NFL, sports opinion
NFL Logo link to home page
Buddy, there are some things to talk about. 

  • The Chiefs played the Ravens tighter than Stank-0 expected.  Still not convinced that Croyle can fill in for Cassel though.  The Chiefs also need to create consistent pressure.  Blitz fellas, it works.  Also Leggette is a player. 
  • Drew Brees throwing 6 TDs against the Lions is a form of reverse point shaving.  Stank-0 will believe when he plays against a good D.  
  • Ed the Sports Fan had it right, Delhomme is done as a starting QB.  In two games (going back to last season) he’s throwing…6 INTs. 
  • Favre doesn’t need to do anything except not screw up in Minnesota.  His best pass is a hand off to AD. 
  • The 49ers might be a sleeper team.  Patrick Willis and Nate Clements anchor the D.  Also, Coach Singletary seems genetically unable to smile.
  • The Super Bowl hangover curse is alive and well.  The Cards didn’t seem to be ready to play. 
  • Romo played very well too.  Still think they dealt for the wrong Lions receiver.  Should have gone for Calvin Johnson rather than Roy Williams.  
  • The Skins have some offensive problems and it might get worse when the Rams come to town fresh off a shut out to the C-hawks.  Coach Zorn, consider running no-huddle for entire series.  It worked towards the end of the game. 
  • The Mark Sanchez era looks to be off to a good start.  He was sharp still not sold that he’s ready to start as a rookie.  The game moves too fast and there’s too much to absorb as a rookie, let alone a QB.  Then again it was against the Texans.  
  • The Packers and Bears bout to get into it.Thoughts?
  • The Patriots get the first Monday night game going against the Bills and T.O.  Brady, Moss, and T.O.!?

Some thoughts on the analysts teams. 

  • CBS has a nice foursome.  Shannon, Boom, and Dan have worked together for some time.  Coach brings a fresh perspective.  There’s no better TV man than James Brown. 
  • The FOX team is good but it’s not as great as it used to be.  This current group of Terry Bradshaw, Michael Strahan, Howie Long, and Coach Johnson is…dunno.  Remember when Collinsworth was on FOX with James Brown?  That was a good team. 
  • The NBC team seems to be a comglomeration of spare parts.  Keith Olbermann, Dan Patrick, Coach Dungy, and Rodney Harrison?  Tiki as the sideline reporter?  Bob Costas outside of the booth?  Seems too mismatched.  Keith and Dan both do the deadpan, that’s two too many.  Cut one, probably Keith since he already has a job on MSNBC.  Keep Coach Dungy, he drops knowledge.  Collinsworth is also a good pair with Al Michaels, keep that.
  • The MNF team?  Oi vey.  Blow it up and start over.  Overpay to get Pat Summerall from wherever he is to come back.  The find someone else to pair up with him.  Actually Stank-0 heard a good call guy during the Wake Forest vs. Stanford game.  Call him up. 

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