The enigma of Dan Snyder

Posted: August 31, 2009 in NFL, sports opinion, Washington Redskins

Stank-0 has been derisive of Dan Snyder (that’s the biggest understatement you will ever read here) from calling him Six Flags Snyder (for running that organization to the brink of bankruptcy) to his mismanagement of the Redskins.

All that changed with this line after reading that he has the last jersey that Sean Taylor wore in a game hanging in his office. To have the jersey would have required speaking to Taylor’s family to see if they would be willing to part with it.

Stank-0 alway saw Snyder as just a free spender with no idea what he was spending on. Let’s look at this another way. Outside of Jerry Jones and George Steinbrenner, who else is willing to spend whatever it takes to field a good team? Think about it….Paul Allen? Not exactly.

Snyder’s execution may be flawed but his intentions are simple: to get the Skins another ring. It’s not about the dinero or he wouldn’t use it like it had an expiration date.

Since Stank-0 doesn’t do puff pieces, here’s where we get some reality checks (no Survivor). There must be a disconnect somewhere in the Skins organization between Snyder’s will to win and the execution on the field. The blame usually falls on a Mr. Vince Cerrato, VP in the Redskins’ hierarchy.

Once we go down to the field, there are some problems as well, particularly this season. The offensive line is quite simply…offensive. It may be time to use a 1st round pick on the O line. There have been a dearth of quality linemen in the past few years.

The skill positions are on point. Portis is still makin it do what it do. Moss has some emerging pieces (lookin at Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas) around him so he won’t see so much help his side.

The D is just fine. They have been flying around this preseason and they were top 4 last season. Everyone wants to look at the sacks or lack thereof. People, you are looking at the trees and missing the forest. A top 4 defense is doing something right, right?

*Sigh* Let’s get this over with. The quarterback position. There isn’t a more criticized person in DC except for the President of the United States. Stank-0 will say this now, he believes in Campbell. He’s had to learn new offenses most of his career. Give him 2 more seasons max and he will leave no doubt one way or the other.

If there is a ray of light it’s Dan Snyder has the Redskins halfway right, and he got the most important half. People get excited over the long ball and TDs, but D wins games which will put @sses in those seats.

So the Six Flags Snyder nickname isn’t goin anywhere but Stank-0 at least understands where he’s coming from.

Is Stank-0 wrong? Has Stank-0 been swayed by the power of the puff piece?

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