Bears @ Broncos

Posted: August 31, 2009 in Denver Broncos, football, live game, NFL
Stank-0 will not live blog per se because the most important issues are off-the-field. 

Josh McDaniels wouldn’t do anything differently regarding Jay Cutler?  You willfully deal a proven Pro Bowler for less than a Pro Bowler?  He did everything right?  How George W. Bush of him. 

Kyle Orton, let Stank-0 introduce you to pressure.  Pressure, this is Kyle Orton.  Not sure if you two have been adequately acquainted. 

Brandon Marshall, Stank-0 isn’t sure you can get yourself dealt out of town. 

Ed Hochuli is in the house.  No more bad calls, ok? 

Orton certainly has the talent around him to succeed.

Eddie Royal will only get better.  He’s a keeper. 

Let’s tidy up the play.  Two flags in under 1 minute? 

That 3rd down pass was pure miscommunication.  Buckhalter zigged and Orton zagged. 

Nice kick.  The roll was great. 

Cutler, get used to that sound.  It will follow you the entire game.  This actually works in his favor.  He went against this D in practice for a few seasons.  The schemes won’t change dramatically in a few months. 

Nice 1st down play to start.  Quick out to Devin Hester. 

Fantasy owners, grab Matt Forte.  He will be very good with Cutler under center.  You can’t consistently put 9 in the box against the Bears. 

Stank-0 always thought that Clark was a wide out but he’s a tight end.  He makes some fantastic catches and runs good routes.  Sounds like the description of a wide out to Stank-0. 

Dear Broncos O, you can’t blame your sluggishness on the time because you are playing at home.  Tighten up. 

Wow, Buckhalter did not convert that.  The Bears D closes unbelievably quick. 

“Anytime” you won’t be able to return any punts.  The league knows about you.  Also, inside the 5 let the ball go. 

Stank-0 thinks that the Rod Marinelli anecdote was wonderful.  He should be workin his @ss off after the disastrous season he had up in Motown. 

Didn’t Buckhalter attend Nebraska?  He’s persistent all right.  Missed the 2002, 2004, and 2005 season due to injuries.  Three knee surgeries to boot.  He clearly loves to play football.

Kyle Orton is moving very well in the pocket. 

The Broncos went through 6 backs, probabilities state that there’s no way that will happen again.  So why draft Knowshon Moreno, another running back.

Hester is a meast (man beast).  Didn’t punters get the memo that you don’t kick to him.  Wow.  Fifty-four yards in the blink of an eye.  He deserves the 100 he got in Madden 09. 

Flag heavy game right now.  Good call Cris Collinsworth, on the ineligible receiver downfield. Negate that call.  Oh really Mr. Hochuli. 

Forte shoulda punch that in the house.  The lane appeared and he was on the way.  He got it the next play. 

This game isn’t as exciting as Stank-0 thought it would be.  1. 

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