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Posted: August 30, 2009 in football, NFL, sports opinion
So Stank-0 has a few thoughts on the Pat@Redskins.   Excuse the lateness of this post. 

Randy Moss runnin underneath routes means he’s gettin real close to being unguardable.  He already gets over the top safety help to prevent the deep routes.  What linebacker on this planet can keep up with Moss?  If you have the corner follow Moss then you create a hole in the defense. 

Tom Brady looked sharp as an old pimp holdin a razorblade. 

Brady to Moss is probably still the most beautiful thing in the NFL.  Brady is good but you just have to put it in the general area of Moss and he’s pulling it down.  And a quarterback as good as Brady and it’s a wrap.  They are also on the same page on the routes and ball placement (outside shoulder vs. inside shoulder) 

Stank-0 still believes that Jason Campbell is the Redskins’ answer at quarterback.  You can’t blame him for protection issues on the offensive line.  His passes were on point. 

Santana Moss should leave the celebrations for touchdowns.  Celebrating a first down reception?  REALLY!!  Son, you are a #1 receiver.  You shouldn’t be gettin excited about first down grabs.  That should be expected. 

The Patriots have quite a running back committee, and Fred Taylor should be high on that list. 

Colt Brennan it was real while it lasted.  Stank-0 hopes you have already sent out your football highlights because you are gonna lost the 3rd spot to Chase Daniels (Muck Fizzou!).  Coach Zorn specifically put you in to give you a chance and you toss an INT in the red zone.  Sorry son! 

Out of the 4 units on display, Skins offense, D, Patriots’ offense, and D) the only one not ready to play week 1 was the Redskins offense.  Those 3 & outs were brutal. 

It didn’t look like Albert Haynesworth was trying to hurt Brady, but Haynesworth is a big body.  Hopefully Brady is ok and will play the full season. 

The Skins’ D was dialed in from jump.  The corners were making plays (Smoooooooooooooooooot as in Fred Smoot). 

Stank-0 is placing an APB for Chris Cooley. 

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