Posted: August 28, 2009 in football, NFL, sports opinion
Stank-0 is sure that all you have seen the DirecTV commercials right?  “Sixteen games every week.”  Well if the preseason is any indication, EFF DIRECTV!  EFF NFL TICKET!

A meaningless Eagles preseason game gets blacked out!?  Really?  Now why exactly should Stank-0 sign up for DirecTV if Stank-0 can’t watch the games he wants to?  Is that not the appeal of NFL Ticket to watch what Stank-0 wants to. 

Stank-0 can’t speak for any other place but the Eagles-Jags game was not available in the DC area.  Stank-0 went to no less than two places, one an Eagles’bar and no game!  WTF!  The best that came on were highlights? HIGHLIGHTS!?

Stank-0 guarantees that he will never ever ever get DirecTV nor NFL Ticket.  Why pay for glorified cable?  If anyone else in the DC area feels as upset, then please contact the NFL with me. 

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