Steelers @ Redskins

Posted: August 23, 2009 in football, NFL
Just tuned in and the Skins are in the red zone with 4th down coming up.  Should they go for it?  HEYELL YEAH! 

The commentators talkin about Betts was dancing too much.  He made one cut back move and got mollywopped. 

Here we go back to the game.  Fourth & 2.  BOOO!  They are kicking this.  BOOO! HATE HATE HATE

Money!  Three, oh!  Skins.  They are clowning the Skins’ special team game.  Stank-0’s roommate is commenting on their lack of loyalty to the home team.  Stank-0 co-signs. 

Technical difficulties!  Not cool. 

And we’re back. 

Kick off back to the 30 yard line.  No Roethlisberger tonight, instead we get Charlie Batch. 

8:08 in the 1st Q, screen but it was batted down.  Andre Carter, Stank-0 sees you stuntin!  Penalty, holding on the offense.  First & 20. 

Batch felt the pressure, pumped fake and then threw it away.  Second & 20. 

Batch with time, to Parker and he got blasted by DeAngelo Hall.  BLASTED! 

Batch again, too high.  Penalty, looks like a late hit.  That was a bad call.  Hall pulled up.  HORRIBLE!  Unnecessary roughness, 15 yards. 

New downs, give to Parker about 3 yards.  Second & 8.

False start, back it up!  Second & 13.

Pass fake, give to Parker, short gain.  Third & long. 

Batch needs to calm down.  He looks too hurried out there.  The Redskins’ D is flying around his happy feet are understandable. 

Shotgun, Batch moves in the pocket.  Ball “popped up” and still caught by Holmes.  Freak play.  Looks like it hit the ground.  CHAAAAAAAAAALLUNGE! 

*Replay challenge in the booth*  This one is easy.  Ball hit the ground no immaculate reception.  Fourth & 12.  Time back to 5:17. 

High punt to the sideline.  Short return.  Penalty!  Roomie says facemask.  Block in the back on the return team, 10 yard penalty.

Jason Campbell, let’s get it!  First & 10.

Campbell goin deep too far wrong shoulder to Moss.  Moss was inside, corner was outside.  Second & 10.

Short run.  Third & long.   

Campbell had to ground it but he was outside of the tackles.  That offensive series was horrible.  Penalty, excuse me no flag; receiver in the area.  This must be the 3rd team officials. 

Punt to the 40.  Up to the 50.  Steelers ball. 

Give to Parker gets about 7 on the carry.  Second & short. 

Playaction, Batch under pressure throws it away.  Roomie:  “The Steeler’s O line is ‘porous.'”  Penalty, intentional grounding.  Commentators:  Bad call.  Physics dictate the throw. 

Second & 13.  Blitz!  Batch to Holmes.  First down!  At the Skins’ 37.  Good protection.  Good route by Holmes. 

Batch again going deep, no call.  Corner fell and impeded the receiver’s ability to make the catch. 

Second & 10. 

Batch hard quick throw.  Incomplete.  Third & 10. 

Shotgun.  Plenty of time.  Nice ball to Hines Ward.  He went up for that one.  Nice grab!  First down!  Red zone.

Shotgun, out to Heath Miller.  First & goal in the red zone. 

Offset backs.  Batch again, incomplete for Miller.  Orakpo on Miller like a cheap suit.  Orakpo was in space, but he was a DE at UT.

Second & goal.  Pitch to Parker.  TD!  That was easy.  Parker had a convoy.  Fifty-three seconds in the 1st Q. 

PAT good!  7-3, Steelers. 

Nice kick!  Touchback!  Close to a penalty, very very close. 

Give to Cartwright, maybe 2.  Second & 8. 

Give to Cartwright again, 2 more.  End of the 1st Q. 

Betts is gone.  Campbell to Davis, incomplete.  That was behind Davis.  Who’s fault was that?!

Steelers with a good return, 22 yards.  Penalty!  Holding on the return team, 10 yard penalty.  First & 10 from the 30. 

Fake, Batch still free, incomplete.  That was some moving in the pocket. 

Stank-0 didn’t know Batch is in his 13th year. 

Give to Mendenhall, short gain.  Penalty, holding; back it up!  Secon & 20. 

Batch, to Wallace and he was hit by Smoot before the ball got there.  That ball was into Wallace’s back shoulder.  Great ball placement. 

Batch again, incomplete but that ball was there.  Receiver’s need some stickum tonight.  That was very catchable.  Punt team! 

Short return!  Penalty!  Flags aplenty tonight!  Unnecessary roughness (hitting out of bounds) return team 10 yard penalty. 

Collins at the helm, short run. 

Good run on second down. 

Collins with the quick out.  Receiver fought for that first down.  That’s hustle! 

Collins with another quick out.  He’s making some nice throws right now.  Second & 3. 

Collins, give to the back.  Short gain.  Man down!  Mike Sellers in agony on the field.  That’s not a good look.  Might be an ankle or something.  No it’s the knee. 

Third & 2, Collins underneath.  No gain.   Roomie: he needs to know where the 1st down marker is. 

Moderate gain on the punt return.  Up to the 28.  Penalty, block in the back (return team) 10 yard penalty. 

Steelers at their own 10.  First & 10.  Give to Mendenhall, gain of about 3 or 4.

Give to Mendenhall, first down.  He ran right to where the safety left.  Dennis Dixon in for the Steelers.  Give to Mendenhall.  First down! 

Give to Mendenhall again!  They tryin to tenderizer the Skins’ D.  First & 10. 

Dixon under pressure, throw to the TE, short gain.  Second & long. 

Dump underneath, maybe 3 yards.  Third & moderate. 

Dixon, shotgun, bad snap.  Recovers and falls on it.  Punt team! 

Awaiting a Colt Brennan appearance. 

Not a bad return by Dominic Dorsey. 

Give to Cartwright, too much dancing, short gain. Second & long.

I formation, Collins pass was a little to far out.  Third & long. 

Shotgun, blitz!  Quick pass to Malcolm Kelly, no gain.  Punt team! 

Bad punt.  Moderate return. 

Give to Mendenhall, swarmed by Orakpo.  Roomie: “Orakpo’s gonna be good.  As long as he learns the D.  Great pursuit.”

Second & 11, shotgun, Dixon with time to throw.  Third & 4.

Shotgun, false start.  Left tackle jumped.  Third & 9. 

Dixon with time, great ball.  First down.  He stepped into that throw. 

Stank-0 will go offline at the half, like last time.  First down! 

Shotgun, flanker screen, short gain.  Second & long.  Steeler no huddle. 

Dixon throws behind Wallace.  He looks like Ray Allen. Third & long.

Shotgun, pressure, Dixon outside, pass to the 30 yard line.  Sweed with the reception.  Play under review. 

*Replay challenge Looks like a reception.  He put his arm under the ball.  The call: reception. 

First & 10, shotgun, audible, Dixon breaks and runs slides to the first down!  Wow!  Dixon still got it, even after that injury he had at Oregon.  Time out.  First & 10.

Shotgun, that ball was too slow.  The receiver, Sweed, got his clock cleaned and reset.  Penalty, improper number on the line of scrimmage.  Ten yard penalty. 

Shotgun, incomplete pass on the sideline.  Second & 15.  One minute in the 2nd Q. 

Shotgun, good protection, pass to Mendenhall incomplete.  Pass was a little lazy and slow.  Third & 15.  Skins’ D line is kinda stacked.  They bringin the heat. 

Shotgun, play clock!  Delay of game.  Third & 20.  That’s a country mile. 

Shotgun, give to Mendenhall.  That was to get them in closer for a field goal attempt.  Field goal attempt.  Money! 

Eloi got blasted.  Timmons said HELLO! 

Shotgun, good ball but too close to the sideline.  That was a beauty.  Great touch!  Second & 10.

Collins to Kelly.  First down! 

Downed!  Second & 10.  Fourteen seconds on the clock.  Shotgun, Collins…INT!  Back to the 34 yard line.  Ratliff, stuntin! 

Three seconds left.  Lining up for a field goal.  Fifty-three yards, no good…penalty!  Offsides, defense.  Five yard penalty.  Forty-eight yards now.  Makeable distance….too much movement.  Ball moved too far to the viewers’ right. 


With that Stank-0 is finished.  Have a good night. 

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