Preseason special: Cowboys stadium

Posted: August 22, 2009 in football, live game, NFL
Stank-0 is gonna take in the new stadium, a $1.15B spectacle. 

The kickoff return was great, but there was a holding call.  Bring it back.  That 78 yard return?  Didn’t happen. 

Romo, the pressure starts now.  Short run by Marion the Barbarian.  Second down. 

Damn Roy, fumbling already?  Yikes! Third down.

Almost another INT goin to Roy.  Nick Harper wanted that jawn.  Punt team!

Titans get the first touch.  Short run.  Second.  The Titans are gonna run, run, run, kick, and let the D do what it does.

That was a good ball from Collins.  Catch that!  Third down. 

Third and 10, complete but short.  Punt team!

Fourth and they’re goin for it.  Timeout Dallas.  Maybe they’ll go or they wanted the Cowboys to burn a TO. 

Patrick Crayton just got himself off punt return duty dropping the short punt.  Congratulations! 

That scoreboard is disgusting. 

Cowboys ball.  Marion with a nice stutter on 1st down.  Second and 2.

Another give to Marion.  First down!  How did the Cowboys convince themselves that Marion needed to split carries with Julius Jones. 

Another run by Marion.  Second and 7

Fake pass and give to Marion again.  First down!

Fake and pass in the flat to the fullback.  A tad high.  Second down.  It’s time to test out Romo-to-Williams.  Stop playin!

Screen to Marion.  First down. 

Shotgun, pass to Williams, better than 10.  First down. 7:57 in the 1st.

Stop gassin Roy, please. 

False start on #11, Roy.  First & 15.  KARMA!

Pass to Witten, 2nd & 1.  Good route and that ball had some sauce on it.

Quick pass to Roy, 1st down.

Romo ate it, pass in the flat to the FB.  Second & 2, 5:33 in the 1st.

There’s a hold on the line, backside.  A hold on Roy, no calls.

That pass was late and behind the receiver, but there was some pass interference. First down. 

Reverse to Clayton.  Second & 4. 

Wow, Marion should have tapped that down and let it go.  Loss of yardage.  Third & 8. 

Nice pass under duress to Witten.  First & goal.  He created that entire play. 

Give to the Barbarian.  TD! Cowboys strike first.  That was methodical.  Nicely done. 

Some obligatory Favre fluffing.  One of 3 with 4 yards?  That’s not a highlight.  That’s a passing drill. 

Kick off to Javon Ringer, making some moves up to the 50, add some penalty yards as well.  Fifteen yards that was just stupid.  You ran him out of bounds.  Let it go.  He made a nice move, and scampered up. 

Crayton, you ain’t gone by nobody in your life!  You stay frontin! 

False start.  First & 15. 

Johnson stay on the ground.  No gain.  Second & 15.  Stank-0 will probably quit when the 1st teams do. 

Short run by Johnson.  Third & 11. 

Intermediate pass to the TE.  Punt team! Oh, in field goal range.  Money from 46.  7-3 Boys.

The Subway commerical with Strahan and Tuck?  Pure stupidity!  Don’t insult my intelligence, please. 

Miles, do not slow down.  Nineteen yard return.

Pass into the flat to Felix Jones, with a mean stiff arm.  Under 1 minute in the 1st Q.  Second & 5.

End of the 1st. 

Give to Jones, gain of two.  3rd & 3.

Slant to Crayton for 16.  1st down.

Quick out to Roy.  2nd & 4. 

Penalty on the play.  Pass to Crayton.  Hands to the face. #76.  Flozell Adams.  2nd & 14.

Good pass to Witten, very close to the first.  3rd & 1. Romo’s looking very good in the pocket.  Witten’s route running is kinda sloppy. 

Quick hand off inside.  First down.

Under pressure, Romo quickly got rid of it.  Incomplete.  Second & 10. 

Corner blitz on the run.  Third & 10.  Finnegan is aggressive.

Plenty of time, underneath to Crayton.  Close to the 1st.  Fourth down. 

Toss to Marion.  First down.  Fake inside and flip out to Barber.  Good play call.

Give to Marion.  Run straight son.  You ran inside and then tried to break it.  That’s not what you do.  Second & 11.

Delayed hand off to Marion.  Good inside running by Marion.  Gain of 6.  Third & 5.

Fake pass and a give to Marion.  More of the same.  Fourth & 1. 

Too much movement on the line.  False start.  Fourth & 6. 

Field goal attempt.  Hit the upright.  Wow!  Forty-nine yards had enough leg.  Too much movement. 

LenDale aka Fat Back short gain. 

Fat Back again short gain.  Third & long. 

BLITZ!  Collins throws it away.  Punt team. 

Toss to Jones.  Good gain.  First down.

Jones again.  Second & 7.

Hurd catch the ball, homey.  Third & 7.

Romo zigged and the receiver zagged.  Punt team! 

Sixty-two yard kick.  Two penalties.  Offsetting, re-kick. 

55 yards and maybe 15 on the return. 

Fat Back losing two on the carry.  Second & 12.  Unsportsmanlike conduct.  First & 10.

Short pass to Washington, maybe 5-6.  Second & 4.

Javon Ringer showing and proving.  First down.  Gain of 10+.

Good ball a bit high to Scaife, incomplete.  Second & 10.  2:06 in the 2nd.

Flat to Ringer.  Two minute warning.  Third & 8.

Shotgun, good ball to Gage.  First down.  Nice comeback route.  Took the hit and held on.  Under 90 seconds.

Flat to Ringer, one hand jawn.  Gain of 5.  Second & 3.

Ringer with a sick hesitation, hit the hole and TD.  Two flags.  Holding and facemask.  Offsetting, replay down.  Ringer showed some serious jukes.  The receiver blocking downfield had a handful of jersey. 

Nice seam route.  Gage, TD!  Seventeen yards.  Collins unleashed a laser.  9-7 Titans pending the PAT.  10-7. 

Kickoff from the Titans.  Up to the 20.  Under 1 minute in the 2nd Q.  Stank-0 will sign off at half because then we start goin into 3rd & 4th string. 

Nice pass over the middle to Bennett.  First down.  Forty-one seconds.

Dump off to Jones up to the 20.  Twenty-five seconds.  He’s like greased lightning.

Good out to Roy.  First & goal.  In the red zone.  Twenty-one seconds.

Shotgun.  Over the middle.  Fourteen seconds.  Clock has stopped.  Second & goal @ the 3.

Shotgun.  Lob to Austin, too high.  Third & goal.  Nine seconds. 

Shotgun.  Lob to Roy too high.  Penalty.  Looked real physical.  Offensive pass interference.  Good defensive positioning.  No, changed to defensive pass interference.  First & goal @ the 1.  That was a bad bad call.  The corner had his head turned and was established.  The defensive player has just as much right to the ball as the receiver. 

Under center.  Give to Jones.  TD!  He weaved his way into the promised land.  A second left.  PAT good.

Squid kick coming?  Yup.  Titans fall on it.  Halftime! 

It was enjoyable.  UPDATE!  Ok Vince Young is in the game.  Already facing 3rd & long.  Nice checkdown.  No gain.  Punt team.  The Titans offense is stagnant. 

Terrance Newman (K-State alum) back for the kick.  Showed some flashes not much gain.  Young needs to calm down in the pocket. 

Stank-0 has a feeling that Romo is on ice right now.  Waiting for Young to get another crack at it. 

Hurd with a highlight reel catch. Nice adjustment.  Real nice.  There’s been a clear drop off in ability and talent on the field. 

Young is coming back in a few minutes. 

The Sears commercial featuring Favre?  Very self depreciating and funny.  It was smart and funny at the same time.  Were you taking notes, Subway?

Here we go!  Young time! 

Young, throw the ball!  We want to see what you can do.  Stop handing off. BOOOO! 

Ball was high but a nice one handed jawn.  Stank-0 thinks there’s a jar of stickum somewhere in the stadium, or everyone is rocking the new new gloves.  That’s the third one handed joint. 

Ringer is gonna be a meast (man beast). 

Ball was underthrown.  Receiver almost made the play.  Almost. 

Ringer is a player to watch.  Stank-0 isn’t big on fantasy football, but Ringer looks like a late rounder (5th, 6th). 

Young has the arm to go deep, but the receivers need to be on the same page with the quarterback.  Vince, calm down.  No need to get in your feelings about it. 

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