An exchange

Posted: August 21, 2009 in sports opinion, track and field
Fellow Stankoniforous Files contributor, M0yo hit me up about 30 minutes ago.  Here’s a rundown of the convo. 

M0yo: You know that Usain Bolt just set the world record in the 200 m? 
Stank-0: Really?
M: Yeah 19.19.  He broke Michael Johnson’s old record by .11 seconds.  He’s on something.  Johnson only shaved a few seconds off the 200 when he set the record. 
S:  Well, he’s passed all the drug tests.  Bolt is also 6’5″ with a long stride.  He’s basically a wide receiver.  My boy (…..) says the same thing that he’s on something.  Bolt also thinks he can hit 9.40. 
M:  After about 5 steps he just pulled away from everyone. 
S:  If you divide his time in half, he ran faster in 100m segments than he did in the 100m.  (Author’s note:  Actually it comes to 9.595 per 100 so he didn’t run it faster but that’s incredibly close.)
M:  Didn’t he run a 9.58 in the 100? 
S:  Yeah. 
M: I watched it and Bolt made it look easy…. Also, people are taking drugs that can’t be detected right now. 
S:  True, they keep samples for 6 years so maybe in a few years time if he’s on something then it will show up. 

That’s part of the problem right now in track and field.  Anyone that is killing the field (no Pol Pot) immediately becomes suspect.  Stank-0 will reserve judgement.  Innocent until proven guilty. 

Right now Stank-0 will just enjoy the spectacle that is Usain Bolt. 

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