Quarterbacks past and present

Posted: August 19, 2009 in football, sports opinion

At least one person does not think that Tim Tebow is the 2nd coming.

“People keep asking me about Tebow,” Bowden said. “You know, is he the best ever? I don’t know if he’s better than Charlie. I don’t think he runs better than Charlie. I don’t think he throws better than Charlie. And Charlie only played [quarterback] two years for us.”

CHUUUUCH!  Tebow dreams about being Charlie Ward.  Tebow seems to be a big bruising college quarterback.  Stank-0 respects what he does in college, but Ward did it way before him and did it better.  You can throw out the talent argument because Tebow’s had some playmakers around him, same as Ward.  Tebow seems similar to Tommy Frazier except he passes more.  Whether that’s a function of the respective offenses they ran or ability Stank-0 won’t opine a guess.

Ed had a post a while back about the best college quarterbacks and Ward’s name was mentioned as was Tebow’s.  It’s a good read,  go check it out.

In Stank-0’s humble opinion, Ward was the ultimate precursor to Vick, like him or not.  There’s a few names to throw in there before we get to Vick.  McNabb, Stewart, and McNair come readily to mind.  Considering his current trajectory, Tyrelle Pryor will build upon some of the things that Vick did in college.  A recent addition would be Dennis Dixon, formerly of the University of Oregon. 

Now Stank-0 realizes that the names are overwhelmingly black, but these players have the physical gifts to create on a spur of the moment.

In the end, Ward>Tebow.  Stank-0 out.

[Shout to Ed the Sports Fan and No Guts No Glory]

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