Posted: August 14, 2009 in NFL, sports opinion

No not the Decepticon Transformer, but the aftermath of the bombshell. The press conference started at 11A and just concluded a few minutes ago. Coach Reid, Vick, and former Colts Coach Dungy were present (I contend that Tony Dungy is the Colin Powell of sports, but thats a whole nother post). Vick was contrite and “showed remorse” whatever that’s supposed to mean. Coach Reid acknowledged there would be haters and basically told them to kick rocks. He was even asked if he knew that fans were selling their season tickets on eBay.

Let me say something right here, I hope you Eagles fans aren’t dumb enough to let go of your season tickets because YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO GET THEM BACK. NEVER. Not in your lifetime or your grandchildren’s grandchildren’s lifetimes. If you don’t like him, then sell them while he wears Eagle’s green the go back when he’s gone. You keep your tickets and you still get to protest or boycott or what have you.

So Vick can play in the final two preseason games for the Eagles. Those two games will be the most watched preseason games of the entire NFL.

Week 6 will be insane. Philly will be descended upon by the likes of: Jay-Z, Young Jeezy (hell most of the black celebs from ATL), Diddy, etc. There will be pre-parties and post-game parties. It will be like NBA All Star weekend (no Pacman). Philly will not have seen that many black faces in a very long time. It’s coming and there’s nothing you can do about it.


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