Sports weekend

Posted: August 10, 2009 in HOF, minor baseball

Werds, you asked for a response to some thoughts? Stank-0 will handle that and give some brief thoughts on minor league baseball, Durham Bulls-style! Yeah, the very team that was the subject of a movie with Susan Sarandon, Kevin Costner, and Tim Robbins.

Stank-0, what’s your opinion about all of this? (Regarding Derrick Thomas’ induction into the Hall of Fame)

What you think Stank-0 will say, that the best pass rusher of the 90s DOES NOT deserve a trip to the Hall? If you thought that, get your mind right! Along side, LT (the real one) and the Minister of Defense, Thomas DESERVED a spot. It’s just sad that it was posthumously given. In all reality, the Chiefs haven’t been the same since Thomas passed away. It’s like he was the last lynchpin for that era.


On to a happier note, Stank-0 (and gf) caught the Bulls taking on the Chiefs from somewhere. The Bulls’ starting pitcher had put the clamps on the offense going into the 7th. He got rocked for a few hits. The skipper left him in to get the last out. Another pitcher (probably the set up guy) started warming up in the “bullpen.” Davis gave up a triple that pretty much ended the game at that point. It was fun to watch and Stank-0 will try to catch another before the season is over.

A few things while at the game.

  • Obviously, the stadium is smaller, but there is room to walk by someone without everyone having to get up.
  • Husbands leave your gossiping wives at home. Stank-0 is there to watch the game not listen to two busybodies talk about dumb sh!t.
  • The game is not the time to try to show off on a first date. It’s the Research Triangle, everyone is fairly intelligent around here. Take that as a given and move on.
  • Being in foul territory in a minor league park is worlds different than a major league ball park. There’s a good chance a foul ball is coming your way so pay attention.
  • There was no beerman you had to go to concessions for your libations. Stank-0 was drivin so it was a moot point but Stank-0 thought he would share.

The next post from the Tarheel State (it’s hard to say that) will be the Miami Hurricanes vs. the Tarheels. Holla!

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