Posted: August 5, 2009 in HOF, Kansas City Chiefs, NFL

I personally have never been to the NFL HOF in Canton, OH, but would like to go someday. I’m sure Stank-0 will want to attend to see the posthumous induction of the late Derrick “DT” Thomas, the most prolific pass rusher of the 1990s. Some stats:

  • His 116.5 sacks from 1990 to 1999 led the NFL.
  • His 126.5 career sacks are a Chiefs record.
  • He holds the single game sack record: 7

Has it really almost been 10 years since DT passed away? If anyone deserves a spot in the Hall, it’s DT. You could make the argument that DT was the best defensive player of the 90s.

Let’s break down his numbers. His sacks per season comes to 11.5, total (126.5) divided by seasons played (11). His sacks per game comes to .71875. By comparison, LT’s sacks per game comes to .6370, however, LT played 2 seasons longer but he had 6 more sacks.

Stank-0, what’s your opinion about all of this?

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