BoSox @ Camden Yards

Posted: August 3, 2009 in live game, MLB

Please excuse this late post. The game yesterday was more an O’s away game than an O’s home game, and it was in the Yard.

Beckett had a very efficient night, allowing less than 5 hits scattered throughout 7-8 innings.

Because of the jumble of humanity at the Camden St. entrance, Stank-0 missed the 1st inning blast.

Youkilis had a sweet swing that resulted in the other HR.

The O’s bullpen needs some work.

The O’s left fielder needs to work on some things. He let a very catchable fly ball drop about 3 steps in front of him.

The O’s threatened late in the game but that fizzled.

Final 4-0 BoSox.

Post game notes: When did Sox fans become so obnoxious? It was revolting. Thank ye Gods that losing has kept KC fans humble.

The upper deck is pretty cool, but no foul balls come near there.

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