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Stank-0 has been derisive of Dan Snyder (that’s the biggest understatement you will ever read here) from calling him Six Flags Snyder (for running that organization to the brink of bankruptcy) to his mismanagement of the Redskins.

All that changed with this line after reading that he has the last jersey that Sean Taylor wore in a game hanging in his office. To have the jersey would have required speaking to Taylor’s family to see if they would be willing to part with it.

Stank-0 alway saw Snyder as just a free spender with no idea what he was spending on. Let’s look at this another way. Outside of Jerry Jones and George Steinbrenner, who else is willing to spend whatever it takes to field a good team? Think about it….Paul Allen? Not exactly.

Snyder’s execution may be flawed but his intentions are simple: to get the Skins another ring. It’s not about the dinero or he wouldn’t use it like it had an expiration date.

Since Stank-0 doesn’t do puff pieces, here’s where we get some reality checks (no Survivor). There must be a disconnect somewhere in the Skins organization between Snyder’s will to win and the execution on the field. The blame usually falls on a Mr. Vince Cerrato, VP in the Redskins’ hierarchy.

Once we go down to the field, there are some problems as well, particularly this season. The offensive line is quite simply…offensive. It may be time to use a 1st round pick on the O line. There have been a dearth of quality linemen in the past few years.

The skill positions are on point. Portis is still makin it do what it do. Moss has some emerging pieces (lookin at Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas) around him so he won’t see so much help his side.

The D is just fine. They have been flying around this preseason and they were top 4 last season. Everyone wants to look at the sacks or lack thereof. People, you are looking at the trees and missing the forest. A top 4 defense is doing something right, right?

*Sigh* Let’s get this over with. The quarterback position. There isn’t a more criticized person in DC except for the President of the United States. Stank-0 will say this now, he believes in Campbell. He’s had to learn new offenses most of his career. Give him 2 more seasons max and he will leave no doubt one way or the other.

If there is a ray of light it’s Dan Snyder has the Redskins halfway right, and he got the most important half. People get excited over the long ball and TDs, but D wins games which will put @sses in those seats.

So the Six Flags Snyder nickname isn’t goin anywhere but Stank-0 at least understands where he’s coming from.

Is Stank-0 wrong? Has Stank-0 been swayed by the power of the puff piece?

Bears @ Broncos

Posted: August 31, 2009 in Denver Broncos, football, live game, NFL
Stank-0 will not live blog per se because the most important issues are off-the-field. 

Josh McDaniels wouldn’t do anything differently regarding Jay Cutler?  You willfully deal a proven Pro Bowler for less than a Pro Bowler?  He did everything right?  How George W. Bush of him. 

Kyle Orton, let Stank-0 introduce you to pressure.  Pressure, this is Kyle Orton.  Not sure if you two have been adequately acquainted. 

Brandon Marshall, Stank-0 isn’t sure you can get yourself dealt out of town. 

Ed Hochuli is in the house.  No more bad calls, ok? 

Orton certainly has the talent around him to succeed.

Eddie Royal will only get better.  He’s a keeper. 

Let’s tidy up the play.  Two flags in under 1 minute? 

That 3rd down pass was pure miscommunication.  Buckhalter zigged and Orton zagged. 

Nice kick.  The roll was great. 

Cutler, get used to that sound.  It will follow you the entire game.  This actually works in his favor.  He went against this D in practice for a few seasons.  The schemes won’t change dramatically in a few months. 

Nice 1st down play to start.  Quick out to Devin Hester. 

Fantasy owners, grab Matt Forte.  He will be very good with Cutler under center.  You can’t consistently put 9 in the box against the Bears. 

Stank-0 always thought that Clark was a wide out but he’s a tight end.  He makes some fantastic catches and runs good routes.  Sounds like the description of a wide out to Stank-0. 

Dear Broncos O, you can’t blame your sluggishness on the time because you are playing at home.  Tighten up. 

Wow, Buckhalter did not convert that.  The Bears D closes unbelievably quick. 

“Anytime” you won’t be able to return any punts.  The league knows about you.  Also, inside the 5 let the ball go. 

Stank-0 thinks that the Rod Marinelli anecdote was wonderful.  He should be workin his @ss off after the disastrous season he had up in Motown. 

Didn’t Buckhalter attend Nebraska?  He’s persistent all right.  Missed the 2002, 2004, and 2005 season due to injuries.  Three knee surgeries to boot.  He clearly loves to play football.

Kyle Orton is moving very well in the pocket. 

The Broncos went through 6 backs, probabilities state that there’s no way that will happen again.  So why draft Knowshon Moreno, another running back.

Hester is a meast (man beast).  Didn’t punters get the memo that you don’t kick to him.  Wow.  Fifty-four yards in the blink of an eye.  He deserves the 100 he got in Madden 09. 

Flag heavy game right now.  Good call Cris Collinsworth, on the ineligible receiver downfield. Negate that call.  Oh really Mr. Hochuli. 

Forte shoulda punch that in the house.  The lane appeared and he was on the way.  He got it the next play. 

This game isn’t as exciting as Stank-0 thought it would be.  1. 

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Football thoughts

Posted: August 30, 2009 in football, NFL, sports opinion
So Stank-0 has a few thoughts on the Pat@Redskins.   Excuse the lateness of this post. 

Randy Moss runnin underneath routes means he’s gettin real close to being unguardable.  He already gets over the top safety help to prevent the deep routes.  What linebacker on this planet can keep up with Moss?  If you have the corner follow Moss then you create a hole in the defense. 

Tom Brady looked sharp as an old pimp holdin a razorblade. 

Brady to Moss is probably still the most beautiful thing in the NFL.  Brady is good but you just have to put it in the general area of Moss and he’s pulling it down.  And a quarterback as good as Brady and it’s a wrap.  They are also on the same page on the routes and ball placement (outside shoulder vs. inside shoulder) 

Stank-0 still believes that Jason Campbell is the Redskins’ answer at quarterback.  You can’t blame him for protection issues on the offensive line.  His passes were on point. 

Santana Moss should leave the celebrations for touchdowns.  Celebrating a first down reception?  REALLY!!  Son, you are a #1 receiver.  You shouldn’t be gettin excited about first down grabs.  That should be expected. 

The Patriots have quite a running back committee, and Fred Taylor should be high on that list. 

Colt Brennan it was real while it lasted.  Stank-0 hopes you have already sent out your football highlights because you are gonna lost the 3rd spot to Chase Daniels (Muck Fizzou!).  Coach Zorn specifically put you in to give you a chance and you toss an INT in the red zone.  Sorry son! 

Out of the 4 units on display, Skins offense, D, Patriots’ offense, and D) the only one not ready to play week 1 was the Redskins offense.  Those 3 & outs were brutal. 

It didn’t look like Albert Haynesworth was trying to hurt Brady, but Haynesworth is a big body.  Hopefully Brady is ok and will play the full season. 

The Skins’ D was dialed in from jump.  The corners were making plays (Smoooooooooooooooooot as in Fred Smoot). 

Stank-0 is placing an APB for Chris Cooley. 

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Posted: August 28, 2009 in football, NFL, sports opinion
Stank-0 is sure that all you have seen the DirecTV commercials right?  “Sixteen games every week.”  Well if the preseason is any indication, EFF DIRECTV!  EFF NFL TICKET!

A meaningless Eagles preseason game gets blacked out!?  Really?  Now why exactly should Stank-0 sign up for DirecTV if Stank-0 can’t watch the games he wants to?  Is that not the appeal of NFL Ticket to watch what Stank-0 wants to. 

Stank-0 can’t speak for any other place but the Eagles-Jags game was not available in the DC area.  Stank-0 went to no less than two places, one an Eagles’bar and no game!  WTF!  The best that came on were highlights? HIGHLIGHTS!?

Stank-0 guarantees that he will never ever ever get DirecTV nor NFL Ticket.  Why pay for glorified cable?  If anyone else in the DC area feels as upset, then please contact the NFL with me. 

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Dime-store analysis

Posted: August 27, 2009 in football, NFL, sports opinion

Stank-0 got to thinkin about the Cowboys’ fancy new $25M scoreboard.  You know the one that is probably the biggest HD screen on the planet?  This board may force another level beyond HD because it is so large.  Extreme HD?  Super HD?  Mega HD?  HHD?  (High high def).  Can be seen from anywhere, and is becoming a problem for punters. 

Stank-0, in his analytical self, thought that the scoreboard perfectly represented some things about America. 

  • It is embarrasingly, superfluously huge.  It’s 160 ft long, 90 ft high, and 20 ft wide.  America is expansive, 4th largest country in the world.  With enough room in places, that your closest neighbor is miles away.  
  • It is a display for your senses.  That is quite honestly the largest HD screen in this country.  It might be so clear that you would rather pay $30 to stand in there than sit at home for free.  Two words:  New York. 
  • It is unbelievably expensive.  The exact figure is $1.15B.  That’s billions with a “b.”  Americans spend billions on some pretty frivolous things.  Tickle me Elmo?  New rims on a car?  Cable with more channels than you could possibly watch?  Mickey D’s?  Ab rollers?  Green ketchup?  
  • It’s allegedly in the way.  Punts have hit the structure.  Jerry Jones alleges purposefully.  Just ask the Iranians, Colombians, Russians, Chinese, Arabs, French, Mexicans, etc if Americans don’t get in way.
  • It can be seen from anywhere.  The Boys’ Board (patent pending) can be easily viewed from even the nosebleed seats.  American influence is global, enough said. 

Having said all that, the Boys’ Board has a place in football, as does my country of origin in the world.  Let’s move on.   

Stank-0 was thinking…what if the Madden Challenge championship was held here?  There are probably some electrical issues to overcome but wouldn’t that be disgusting to play for the Madden title in a luxury suite looking at this screen?  Say you wouldn’t want to?  

Jerry you heard it here first.  Stank-0 either wants a piece of the action (15-20% Stank-0 isn’t greedy) or an advance copy of Madden each year and seats to the Madden championship game.  

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NFL trends to watch

Posted: August 24, 2009 in football, NFL, sports opinion
As much as Stank-0 believes in Matt Cassel, there’s other signal callers to keep an eye on. 

  • At the top of the list is Jay CutlerHis game against the Giants is a gem. 
  • Even though Stank-0 is way past tired, Brett Favre’s tenure with the Vikes bears some monitoring.  The Vikings are a few pieces away from contention, namely quarterback.  Let Stank-0 say this, he’s not sold on Favre.  He’s on the downside of his career.  The Vikings are poised right now to make some noise.  Can he cut it? 
  • Will Tom Brady be mentally ready to play? 
  • Sophomore seasons for Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan, slump or continued ascent?  Matt gets a new toy (T.Gon) while Flacco loses D.Ma$e to retirement. 
  • Does Eli Manning need Plax more than Plax needs Eli?  The Giants record with Plax: 9-1, without: 3-3.   
  • Was Matt Cassel’s season last year an aberration or a sign of things to come? 
  • Can Phillip Rivers break through and get to the Super Bowl?   
  • McNabb asking for Vick to come to PHI.  McNabb hasn’t played a full season in a minute.  Vick will be under center this season. 
  • Will the Super Bowl curse fell Warner

That’s just the quarterbacks.  The division to watch this season is clearly the NFC North.  Next would be NFC East.  Stank-0 can’t think of any division outside of those two that are as stacked. 

Anyone or division you feel warrants mention? 

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Posted: August 23, 2009 in football, NFL
The next sign of the Apocalypse. Stank-0 just happened to see a video of Ocho Cinco kicking a field goal. Is that the new fad now?

Go peep it. He nails it!

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Steelers @ Redskins

Posted: August 23, 2009 in football, NFL
Just tuned in and the Skins are in the red zone with 4th down coming up.  Should they go for it?  HEYELL YEAH! 

The commentators talkin about Betts was dancing too much.  He made one cut back move and got mollywopped. 

Here we go back to the game.  Fourth & 2.  BOOO!  They are kicking this.  BOOO! HATE HATE HATE

Money!  Three, oh!  Skins.  They are clowning the Skins’ special team game.  Stank-0’s roommate is commenting on their lack of loyalty to the home team.  Stank-0 co-signs. 

Technical difficulties!  Not cool. 

And we’re back. 

Kick off back to the 30 yard line.  No Roethlisberger tonight, instead we get Charlie Batch. 

8:08 in the 1st Q, screen but it was batted down.  Andre Carter, Stank-0 sees you stuntin!  Penalty, holding on the offense.  First & 20. 

Batch felt the pressure, pumped fake and then threw it away.  Second & 20. 

Batch with time, to Parker and he got blasted by DeAngelo Hall.  BLASTED! 

Batch again, too high.  Penalty, looks like a late hit.  That was a bad call.  Hall pulled up.  HORRIBLE!  Unnecessary roughness, 15 yards. 

New downs, give to Parker about 3 yards.  Second & 8.

False start, back it up!  Second & 13.

Pass fake, give to Parker, short gain.  Third & long. 

Batch needs to calm down.  He looks too hurried out there.  The Redskins’ D is flying around his happy feet are understandable. 

Shotgun, Batch moves in the pocket.  Ball “popped up” and still caught by Holmes.  Freak play.  Looks like it hit the ground.  CHAAAAAAAAAALLUNGE! 

*Replay challenge in the booth*  This one is easy.  Ball hit the ground no immaculate reception.  Fourth & 12.  Time back to 5:17. 

High punt to the sideline.  Short return.  Penalty!  Roomie says facemask.  Block in the back on the return team, 10 yard penalty.

Jason Campbell, let’s get it!  First & 10.

Campbell goin deep too far wrong shoulder to Moss.  Moss was inside, corner was outside.  Second & 10.

Short run.  Third & long.   

Campbell had to ground it but he was outside of the tackles.  That offensive series was horrible.  Penalty, excuse me no flag; receiver in the area.  This must be the 3rd team officials. 

Punt to the 40.  Up to the 50.  Steelers ball. 

Give to Parker gets about 7 on the carry.  Second & short. 

Playaction, Batch under pressure throws it away.  Roomie:  “The Steeler’s O line is ‘porous.'”  Penalty, intentional grounding.  Commentators:  Bad call.  Physics dictate the throw. 

Second & 13.  Blitz!  Batch to Holmes.  First down!  At the Skins’ 37.  Good protection.  Good route by Holmes. 

Batch again going deep, no call.  Corner fell and impeded the receiver’s ability to make the catch. 

Second & 10. 

Batch hard quick throw.  Incomplete.  Third & 10. 

Shotgun.  Plenty of time.  Nice ball to Hines Ward.  He went up for that one.  Nice grab!  First down!  Red zone.

Shotgun, out to Heath Miller.  First & goal in the red zone. 

Offset backs.  Batch again, incomplete for Miller.  Orakpo on Miller like a cheap suit.  Orakpo was in space, but he was a DE at UT.

Second & goal.  Pitch to Parker.  TD!  That was easy.  Parker had a convoy.  Fifty-three seconds in the 1st Q. 

PAT good!  7-3, Steelers. 

Nice kick!  Touchback!  Close to a penalty, very very close. 

Give to Cartwright, maybe 2.  Second & 8. 

Give to Cartwright again, 2 more.  End of the 1st Q. 

Betts is gone.  Campbell to Davis, incomplete.  That was behind Davis.  Who’s fault was that?!

Steelers with a good return, 22 yards.  Penalty!  Holding on the return team, 10 yard penalty.  First & 10 from the 30. 

Fake, Batch still free, incomplete.  That was some moving in the pocket. 

Stank-0 didn’t know Batch is in his 13th year. 

Give to Mendenhall, short gain.  Penalty, holding; back it up!  Secon & 20. 

Batch, to Wallace and he was hit by Smoot before the ball got there.  That ball was into Wallace’s back shoulder.  Great ball placement. 

Batch again, incomplete but that ball was there.  Receiver’s need some stickum tonight.  That was very catchable.  Punt team! 

Short return!  Penalty!  Flags aplenty tonight!  Unnecessary roughness (hitting out of bounds) return team 10 yard penalty. 

Collins at the helm, short run. 

Good run on second down. 

Collins with the quick out.  Receiver fought for that first down.  That’s hustle! 

Collins with another quick out.  He’s making some nice throws right now.  Second & 3. 

Collins, give to the back.  Short gain.  Man down!  Mike Sellers in agony on the field.  That’s not a good look.  Might be an ankle or something.  No it’s the knee. 

Third & 2, Collins underneath.  No gain.   Roomie: he needs to know where the 1st down marker is. 

Moderate gain on the punt return.  Up to the 28.  Penalty, block in the back (return team) 10 yard penalty. 

Steelers at their own 10.  First & 10.  Give to Mendenhall, gain of about 3 or 4.

Give to Mendenhall, first down.  He ran right to where the safety left.  Dennis Dixon in for the Steelers.  Give to Mendenhall.  First down! 

Give to Mendenhall again!  They tryin to tenderizer the Skins’ D.  First & 10. 

Dixon under pressure, throw to the TE, short gain.  Second & long. 

Dump underneath, maybe 3 yards.  Third & moderate. 

Dixon, shotgun, bad snap.  Recovers and falls on it.  Punt team! 

Awaiting a Colt Brennan appearance. 

Not a bad return by Dominic Dorsey. 

Give to Cartwright, too much dancing, short gain. Second & long.

I formation, Collins pass was a little to far out.  Third & long. 

Shotgun, blitz!  Quick pass to Malcolm Kelly, no gain.  Punt team! 

Bad punt.  Moderate return. 

Give to Mendenhall, swarmed by Orakpo.  Roomie: “Orakpo’s gonna be good.  As long as he learns the D.  Great pursuit.”

Second & 11, shotgun, Dixon with time to throw.  Third & 4.

Shotgun, false start.  Left tackle jumped.  Third & 9. 

Dixon with time, great ball.  First down.  He stepped into that throw. 

Stank-0 will go offline at the half, like last time.  First down! 

Shotgun, flanker screen, short gain.  Second & long.  Steeler no huddle. 

Dixon throws behind Wallace.  He looks like Ray Allen. Third & long.

Shotgun, pressure, Dixon outside, pass to the 30 yard line.  Sweed with the reception.  Play under review. 

*Replay challenge Looks like a reception.  He put his arm under the ball.  The call: reception. 

First & 10, shotgun, audible, Dixon breaks and runs slides to the first down!  Wow!  Dixon still got it, even after that injury he had at Oregon.  Time out.  First & 10.

Shotgun, that ball was too slow.  The receiver, Sweed, got his clock cleaned and reset.  Penalty, improper number on the line of scrimmage.  Ten yard penalty. 

Shotgun, incomplete pass on the sideline.  Second & 15.  One minute in the 2nd Q. 

Shotgun, good protection, pass to Mendenhall incomplete.  Pass was a little lazy and slow.  Third & 15.  Skins’ D line is kinda stacked.  They bringin the heat. 

Shotgun, play clock!  Delay of game.  Third & 20.  That’s a country mile. 

Shotgun, give to Mendenhall.  That was to get them in closer for a field goal attempt.  Field goal attempt.  Money! 

Eloi got blasted.  Timmons said HELLO! 

Shotgun, good ball but too close to the sideline.  That was a beauty.  Great touch!  Second & 10.

Collins to Kelly.  First down! 

Downed!  Second & 10.  Fourteen seconds on the clock.  Shotgun, Collins…INT!  Back to the 34 yard line.  Ratliff, stuntin! 

Three seconds left.  Lining up for a field goal.  Fifty-three yards, no good…penalty!  Offsides, defense.  Five yard penalty.  Forty-eight yards now.  Makeable distance….too much movement.  Ball moved too far to the viewers’ right. 


With that Stank-0 is finished.  Have a good night. 

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Stank-0 is gonna take in the new stadium, a $1.15B spectacle. 

The kickoff return was great, but there was a holding call.  Bring it back.  That 78 yard return?  Didn’t happen. 

Romo, the pressure starts now.  Short run by Marion the Barbarian.  Second down. 

Damn Roy, fumbling already?  Yikes! Third down.

Almost another INT goin to Roy.  Nick Harper wanted that jawn.  Punt team!

Titans get the first touch.  Short run.  Second.  The Titans are gonna run, run, run, kick, and let the D do what it does.

That was a good ball from Collins.  Catch that!  Third down. 

Third and 10, complete but short.  Punt team!

Fourth and they’re goin for it.  Timeout Dallas.  Maybe they’ll go or they wanted the Cowboys to burn a TO. 

Patrick Crayton just got himself off punt return duty dropping the short punt.  Congratulations! 

That scoreboard is disgusting. 

Cowboys ball.  Marion with a nice stutter on 1st down.  Second and 2.

Another give to Marion.  First down!  How did the Cowboys convince themselves that Marion needed to split carries with Julius Jones. 

Another run by Marion.  Second and 7

Fake pass and give to Marion again.  First down!

Fake and pass in the flat to the fullback.  A tad high.  Second down.  It’s time to test out Romo-to-Williams.  Stop playin!

Screen to Marion.  First down. 

Shotgun, pass to Williams, better than 10.  First down. 7:57 in the 1st.

Stop gassin Roy, please. 

False start on #11, Roy.  First & 15.  KARMA!

Pass to Witten, 2nd & 1.  Good route and that ball had some sauce on it.

Quick pass to Roy, 1st down.

Romo ate it, pass in the flat to the FB.  Second & 2, 5:33 in the 1st.

There’s a hold on the line, backside.  A hold on Roy, no calls.

That pass was late and behind the receiver, but there was some pass interference. First down. 

Reverse to Clayton.  Second & 4. 

Wow, Marion should have tapped that down and let it go.  Loss of yardage.  Third & 8. 

Nice pass under duress to Witten.  First & goal.  He created that entire play. 

Give to the Barbarian.  TD! Cowboys strike first.  That was methodical.  Nicely done. 

Some obligatory Favre fluffing.  One of 3 with 4 yards?  That’s not a highlight.  That’s a passing drill. 

Kick off to Javon Ringer, making some moves up to the 50, add some penalty yards as well.  Fifteen yards that was just stupid.  You ran him out of bounds.  Let it go.  He made a nice move, and scampered up. 

Crayton, you ain’t gone by nobody in your life!  You stay frontin! 

False start.  First & 15. 

Johnson stay on the ground.  No gain.  Second & 15.  Stank-0 will probably quit when the 1st teams do. 

Short run by Johnson.  Third & 11. 

Intermediate pass to the TE.  Punt team! Oh, in field goal range.  Money from 46.  7-3 Boys.

The Subway commerical with Strahan and Tuck?  Pure stupidity!  Don’t insult my intelligence, please. 

Miles, do not slow down.  Nineteen yard return.

Pass into the flat to Felix Jones, with a mean stiff arm.  Under 1 minute in the 1st Q.  Second & 5.

End of the 1st. 

Give to Jones, gain of two.  3rd & 3.

Slant to Crayton for 16.  1st down.

Quick out to Roy.  2nd & 4. 

Penalty on the play.  Pass to Crayton.  Hands to the face. #76.  Flozell Adams.  2nd & 14.

Good pass to Witten, very close to the first.  3rd & 1. Romo’s looking very good in the pocket.  Witten’s route running is kinda sloppy. 

Quick hand off inside.  First down.

Under pressure, Romo quickly got rid of it.  Incomplete.  Second & 10. 

Corner blitz on the run.  Third & 10.  Finnegan is aggressive.

Plenty of time, underneath to Crayton.  Close to the 1st.  Fourth down. 

Toss to Marion.  First down.  Fake inside and flip out to Barber.  Good play call.

Give to Marion.  Run straight son.  You ran inside and then tried to break it.  That’s not what you do.  Second & 11.

Delayed hand off to Marion.  Good inside running by Marion.  Gain of 6.  Third & 5.

Fake pass and a give to Marion.  More of the same.  Fourth & 1. 

Too much movement on the line.  False start.  Fourth & 6. 

Field goal attempt.  Hit the upright.  Wow!  Forty-nine yards had enough leg.  Too much movement. 

LenDale aka Fat Back short gain. 

Fat Back again short gain.  Third & long. 

BLITZ!  Collins throws it away.  Punt team. 

Toss to Jones.  Good gain.  First down.

Jones again.  Second & 7.

Hurd catch the ball, homey.  Third & 7.

Romo zigged and the receiver zagged.  Punt team! 

Sixty-two yard kick.  Two penalties.  Offsetting, re-kick. 

55 yards and maybe 15 on the return. 

Fat Back losing two on the carry.  Second & 12.  Unsportsmanlike conduct.  First & 10.

Short pass to Washington, maybe 5-6.  Second & 4.

Javon Ringer showing and proving.  First down.  Gain of 10+.

Good ball a bit high to Scaife, incomplete.  Second & 10.  2:06 in the 2nd.

Flat to Ringer.  Two minute warning.  Third & 8.

Shotgun, good ball to Gage.  First down.  Nice comeback route.  Took the hit and held on.  Under 90 seconds.

Flat to Ringer, one hand jawn.  Gain of 5.  Second & 3.

Ringer with a sick hesitation, hit the hole and TD.  Two flags.  Holding and facemask.  Offsetting, replay down.  Ringer showed some serious jukes.  The receiver blocking downfield had a handful of jersey. 

Nice seam route.  Gage, TD!  Seventeen yards.  Collins unleashed a laser.  9-7 Titans pending the PAT.  10-7. 

Kickoff from the Titans.  Up to the 20.  Under 1 minute in the 2nd Q.  Stank-0 will sign off at half because then we start goin into 3rd & 4th string. 

Nice pass over the middle to Bennett.  First down.  Forty-one seconds.

Dump off to Jones up to the 20.  Twenty-five seconds.  He’s like greased lightning.

Good out to Roy.  First & goal.  In the red zone.  Twenty-one seconds.

Shotgun.  Over the middle.  Fourteen seconds.  Clock has stopped.  Second & goal @ the 3.

Shotgun.  Lob to Austin, too high.  Third & goal.  Nine seconds. 

Shotgun.  Lob to Roy too high.  Penalty.  Looked real physical.  Offensive pass interference.  Good defensive positioning.  No, changed to defensive pass interference.  First & goal @ the 1.  That was a bad bad call.  The corner had his head turned and was established.  The defensive player has just as much right to the ball as the receiver. 

Under center.  Give to Jones.  TD!  He weaved his way into the promised land.  A second left.  PAT good.

Squid kick coming?  Yup.  Titans fall on it.  Halftime! 

It was enjoyable.  UPDATE!  Ok Vince Young is in the game.  Already facing 3rd & long.  Nice checkdown.  No gain.  Punt team.  The Titans offense is stagnant. 

Terrance Newman (K-State alum) back for the kick.  Showed some flashes not much gain.  Young needs to calm down in the pocket. 

Stank-0 has a feeling that Romo is on ice right now.  Waiting for Young to get another crack at it. 

Hurd with a highlight reel catch. Nice adjustment.  Real nice.  There’s been a clear drop off in ability and talent on the field. 

Young is coming back in a few minutes. 

The Sears commercial featuring Favre?  Very self depreciating and funny.  It was smart and funny at the same time.  Were you taking notes, Subway?

Here we go!  Young time! 

Young, throw the ball!  We want to see what you can do.  Stop handing off. BOOOO! 

Ball was high but a nice one handed jawn.  Stank-0 thinks there’s a jar of stickum somewhere in the stadium, or everyone is rocking the new new gloves.  That’s the third one handed joint. 

Ringer is gonna be a meast (man beast). 

Ball was underthrown.  Receiver almost made the play.  Almost. 

Ringer is a player to watch.  Stank-0 isn’t big on fantasy football, but Ringer looks like a late rounder (5th, 6th). 

Young has the arm to go deep, but the receivers need to be on the same page with the quarterback.  Vince, calm down.  No need to get in your feelings about it. 

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How hard is it?

Posted: August 21, 2009 in MLB, offseason, sports opinion

This is a very specific post to the DC area, bear with me. The Nationals had to wait until the 11th hour to sign their #1 draft pick, Stephen Strasburg. There’s plenty of blame to go around.

The Nationals showed some inability to sign the prior #1 pick, who is now working on a deal with the Royals. Stephen Strasburg thought he was in the NFL trying to hold a team hostage. Scott Boras, superagent, tried to finagle $50M out of the Nationals for a college pitcher that’s never thrown in the majors.

Now they signed him to a substantial deal, $15.1M. That’s worthy of some props. Stephen, that weight you feel is the weight of waiting until the last minute and then getting a pretty big deal that is entirely guaranteed. Stank-0 expects to see you get called up in short order.

There’s really not much that Stank-0 expects from the Boras nor the Nationals except the status quo. Strasburg alone won’t make the Nationals contender or even that much better next season. Boras still gets his percentage and next year there will be some other athlete that will get gassed up by Boras.