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Posted: July 7, 2009 in baseball, MLB, sports opinion
This blog, Sports on my Mind, is Stank-0’s new crack. The writer goes in depth about steriods, it’s a good read.  What Stank-0 wants to highlight is this tidbit right here. 

Today, 102 names from that 2003 report — most of them American and white — get a pass. Today, Randy Johnson — because presumptions of innocence are to be enjoyed by white players — gets a pass. Today, local reports providing evidence of use by Jeff Bagwell and Mike Piazza — are not picked up as stories at the national level. Meanwhile, well-documented liars like Andy Pettitte still get high-praise for their honesty.

Did you catch that?  Jeff Bagwell and Mike Piazza might have used!  Why hasn’t this been trumpeted all over ESPN?  FSN?  ABC Sports?  Now Stank-0 isn’t sure about Andy Pettite’s penchant for dishonest so….we’ll let that slide. 

SOMM does bring up a good question.  ARod and Manny’s results were leaked, so why haven’t there been repercussions and consequences?  *Waiting on the conspiracy theorists* 

MLB (read: Bud Selig) you aren’t making this any easier for yourself.  You have a few options. 1.  Bring the wrath of highly paid, fine-Italian-custom-made-suit-wearing-attorney-wrath down on the leaks.  2.  Give us the rest of the names, and deal with it all at once.  3.  Continue letting high profile names slowly leak out over the next 3-5 years.  Stank-0 didn’t want to veer off course. 

Again, Sports on my mind has some good writing, peep it. 

[Shout out to Sports on my mind]

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