In memoriam

Posted: July 5, 2009 in NFL
In utterly shocking news, Steve “Air” McNair was found fatally wounded in a Nashville condo.  It all sounds so utterly drab and simple yet it never is.  McNair was found with an acquaintance whom the police are not releasing details on.  There’s speculation this is his side chick.  Stank-0 does not deal in speculation. 

This death is a blow to the NFL.  McNair was only 36.  A 3-time Pro Bowl QB, a co-MVP with Peyton in 2003, led his team to the Super Bowl in 99 against the Rams, and became the face of the Titans.  That still doesn’t say it all. 

Stank-0 remembers vividly that McNair played hurt with the aid of his wife (a registered nurse).  He couldn’t even practice but his wife had him ready for game time.  He did this for more than one season as well. 

The world is reeling right now with the string of high profile people who have demised and McNair’s passing does not help the situation.  The NFL is better with you having played in it, RIP Steve McNair.

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