Deals and steals

Posted: July 3, 2009 in NBA
Charlie Villanueva and Ben Gordon (BG) going to the Pistons is a deal.  It helps the youth movement in Motown but doesn’t move them up the pecking order in the East.  The Pistons are clearly in rebuilding mode.  It’s time to blow this up and start over. 

Speaking of the Pistons, there are rumors swirling that Sheed is Beantown bound.  How will he co-exist with the Boston Three Party?  Will a team with Starbury and Sheed spontaneously combust?  Inquiring minds want to know. 

Now to the steal portion of our show.  Ron Artest aka Ron Ron is headed to La La land. That my friends is called a steal.  People want to play for a champion.  The question hanging over the preemptive favorites for the Finals is this?  Are there enough shots with Gasol, Kobe, Odom, and now Ron Ron?  Gasol publicly lobbied for more touches in the midst of the playoffs, and he was very diplomatic about it.  Stank-0 doubts Ron Ron will have that much subtlety. 

If nothing else, the next season for the Lakers will be highly entertaining on the court and off it. 

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