Post-draft deals

Posted: June 26, 2009 in trades
The T-Wolves had a plan in drafting all those point guards because the Knicks are interested in Rubio.
They are willing to give up someone for him.  Of course, Rubio’s fam is threatening to go back to Spain, but let’s be very honest, ladies and gentlemen.  The T-Wolves own his rights for a couple of years so he would be stuck in Spain or anywhere else until he could go back and get redrafted.  At that point, he would be kinda old and the buzz he has would have dissipated.  This is a ploy pure and simple. 

Now, depending on how things shake out between Rubio and the Timberwolves, the NBA rights to the 18-year-old could come onto the market this summer, next season or even in the summer of 2010 or 2011 if he opts to return to DKV Joventut rather than relocate to Minneapolis — Rubio’s astronomical $6 million buyout drops to zero in the summer of 2011).

The Knicks need to find some pieces to make this deal work.  Stank-0 is not sold on Rubio.  He thrived in international play because it’s more wide open and less paint-oriented.  He will have to get a reliable jumper and some size to thrive in the NBA. 


In other news, the Suns may be in the process of blowing up the team and starting over.  Amar’e is on the trading block and the Warriors are in serious talks. 

The Suns get: C Andris Biedrins, F Brandan Wright, maybe G Stephen Curry, and/or G Marco Belinelli

The Warriors get: F-C Amar’e Stoudemire

Hmmm, guess Nash is the next to be moved?  Shaq is a Cav and Amar’e may be moving further west. 

Also, since Stank-0 didn’t blog the draft, peep Ed the Sports Fan‘s post and give me your thoughts on the draft?  Did the Spurs find a diamond in the rough with DeJuan Blair?  Too many point guards in Minny?  Rubio overrated?  Holla at me! 

[Shout out to Ed the Sports Fan]

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