ESPN Classic best dunkers’ list

Posted: June 23, 2009 in NBA, sports opinion
Here’s ESPN’s list.

#1. MJ
#2. Dr. J
#3. Nique
#4. Vince Carter
#5. Clyde Drexler
#6. Reignman

Stank-0 has to disagree. 

Stank-0’s list with some rationale

#1. Vince Carter
the 2000 Olympic dunk over Weis puts him up here but his general ridiculousness cements his place.

#2. MJ
#3. Nique
#4. Dr. J
#5. Reignman
#6. Kobe

Stank-0 is torn on 3-4.  Literally, they could in either order, but Nique’s dynaminism trumps him.  Let’s be honest, there’s no way that Shawn is below Clyde. No way. 

Shawn Kemp was a meast (man beast) but his post-dunk antics were the icing on the cake. Word bond.

Questions?  Concerns? 

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