Stallworth vs. Vick

Posted: June 17, 2009 in NFL, sports opinion

ESPN is doing its damndest to distinguish between the punishment that each of them received. Stank-0 cannot see the connection no matter how hard the “legal analysts” try to get me to buy it. ESPN threw out the rationale that the Justice Dept thought that Vick wasn’t being forthcoming. Show me some proof that he wasn’t helpful and Stank-0 will buy that one. Stallworth killed a human being and Vick killed an animal. You can dress it up all you want but that’s the facts.

As much as Stank-0 loves pets (snakes, spiders, fish, dogs, cats, etc.) they will never ever ever EVER EVAR in Stank-0’s eye be equal to a human being. You can flame Stank-0 in the comments all you want, Stank-0’s opinion ain’t changing. Not now, not never.

Vick did Fed time (Ft. Leavenworth is serious business) and Stallworth got 30 days minus 6 days for time served. Again human being and a large number of dogs…animals.

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