World Cup is upon us

Posted: June 15, 2009 in football, World Cup 2010

There were two great games today. Brazil and Egypt was the best of the day. Everyone (even Cairo) thought that Egypt was a mere foil for the beautiful football playing Brasilians, however, the Egyptians brought some moxie and made a game of it. Then a hand ball call unhinged their effort and Kaka made it do what it do. Ball game 4-3.

In the second effort, the US got a bad bad bad call early in the first half against Italy. That was not a red card-worthy call! Yes, the defender was late but that wasn’t that severe. Maybe footall players’ excessive flopping should have been in the sports hate list. Anyway, the US scored on a penalty kick then it was all Italia. Final score 3-1. The US has this habit of playing a man down. They also ran out of steam late in the 2nd half. The US is not in a good group right now, it’s not quite Group of Death-esque but it’s not easy.

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