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I was watching ESPN and they mentioned how the Florida State men’s baseball team scored 37 runs in the playoffs. I remember when the football team could score 37 points.

Maybe Bobby Bowden could take some pointers (read: get better talent) from the baseball coach because the football team is putting up baseball scores and the baseball team is putting up football scores.

While I’m here how about college baseball stop using metal bats! Make the field larger! It’s like they are still playing on Little League fields but the players grew up.

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The NBA playoffs were must see TV! Emperor Stern, please, cut the playoffs. Three rounds of best of 7 is entirely too long. It’s June and the Finals haven’t even started yet. 3- 5-7-7 was just fine. 7-7-7-7 makes it look like you are tryin to squeeze as much money as you can out of the playoffs. The NBA’s conference finals were worth watching.

FC Barcelona for shocking Man U
and winning their 12th title.

Even though it wasn’t written about much here, the Stanley Cup playoffs were on point as well. The best series in the playoffs (in sports) were the Caps-Penguins.

The Clippers unexpectedly grabbing the number one draft pick and gettin the right to grab B Griff.

The Kentucky Derby provided some drama with the winner having 50:1 odds.

Lastly, Michael Vick’s release was the subject of much speculation.