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Post-draft deals

Posted: June 26, 2009 in trades
The T-Wolves had a plan in drafting all those point guards because the Knicks are interested in Rubio.
They are willing to give up someone for him.  Of course, Rubio’s fam is threatening to go back to Spain, but let’s be very honest, ladies and gentlemen.  The T-Wolves own his rights for a couple of years so he would be stuck in Spain or anywhere else until he could go back and get redrafted.  At that point, he would be kinda old and the buzz he has would have dissipated.  This is a ploy pure and simple. 

Now, depending on how things shake out between Rubio and the Timberwolves, the NBA rights to the 18-year-old could come onto the market this summer, next season or even in the summer of 2010 or 2011 if he opts to return to DKV Joventut rather than relocate to Minneapolis — Rubio’s astronomical $6 million buyout drops to zero in the summer of 2011).

The Knicks need to find some pieces to make this deal work.  Stank-0 is not sold on Rubio.  He thrived in international play because it’s more wide open and less paint-oriented.  He will have to get a reliable jumper and some size to thrive in the NBA. 


In other news, the Suns may be in the process of blowing up the team and starting over.  Amar’e is on the trading block and the Warriors are in serious talks. 

The Suns get: C Andris Biedrins, F Brandan Wright, maybe G Stephen Curry, and/or G Marco Belinelli

The Warriors get: F-C Amar’e Stoudemire

Hmmm, guess Nash is the next to be moved?  Shaq is a Cav and Amar’e may be moving further west. 

Also, since Stank-0 didn’t blog the draft, peep Ed the Sports Fan‘s post and give me your thoughts on the draft?  Did the Spurs find a diamond in the rough with DeJuan Blair?  Too many point guards in Minny?  Rubio overrated?  Holla at me! 

[Shout out to Ed the Sports Fan]

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Pre draft deals

Posted: June 25, 2009 in draft, NBA
With the upcoming draft supposed to be shockingly bad, teams are looking to deal players to get better. 

The blockbuster deal here is Shaq moving to Cleveland from PHX.  The Suns needed to do something because standing pat was not gettin them anywhere.  Stank-0 wonders what exactly the Diesel has left in the tank.  He gives the Cavs a clear big man in the paint, even if he is a shadow of his MDE (Most Dominant Ever) self. 

This move does not move the Cavs into the upper echelon of the East by any means, but it does make the offense effectively run through Shaq.  This allows James to make more off-the-ball decisions versus having to be the point forward.


The Hawks and Warriors are working a deal to move Jamal Crawford. Stank-0 isn’t surprised the Hawks have to make a move to get better.  They are in a weird in between place.  Not bad enough to get a good draft pick and not good enough to be competitive.  This move will help them resolve who the offense will run through, JJ or J Smoove.  Crawford’s open court ability would suggest this is to run with J Smoove. 

It’s surprising that Crawford did not fit in with the small ball Nellie offense in Golden State.

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FILE - In this May 8, 2008 file photo, San Antonio Spurs
The Spurs finally got some scoring punch. The Spurs needed to make this move and RJ needed to get out of Milwaukee.  The man pictured is Kurt Thomas, dead weight to make the deal work. Thomas is a mean hooper but he’s gettin up in age and the last thing the Spurs need is more experience.

Jefferson, 29, averaged 19.6 points in his one season with the Bucks. The trade gave both sides what they were after: Milwaukee needed to cut its payroll, and the Spurs needed and a young and healthy offensive threat after a long distinction as the NBA’s oldest team.

Exactly.  It’s a youth movement in San Antonio.  Another player Stank-0 is glad to see leave SA is Bruce Bowen, the dirtiest player in the NBA.  Stank-0 might actually start cheering for the Spurs now.  RJ is still owed $29.2M over the final two years of his deal. 

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Here’s ESPN’s list.

#1. MJ
#2. Dr. J
#3. Nique
#4. Vince Carter
#5. Clyde Drexler
#6. Reignman

Stank-0 has to disagree. 

Stank-0’s list with some rationale

#1. Vince Carter
the 2000 Olympic dunk over Weis puts him up here but his general ridiculousness cements his place.

#2. MJ
#3. Nique
#4. Dr. J
#5. Reignman
#6. Kobe

Stank-0 is torn on 3-4.  Literally, they could in either order, but Nique’s dynaminism trumps him.  Let’s be honest, there’s no way that Shawn is below Clyde. No way. 

Shawn Kemp was a meast (man beast) but his post-dunk antics were the icing on the cake. Word bond.

Questions?  Concerns? 

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The greatness of Satchel Paige is without question.  He may have been the single greatest pitcher of all time.  Stank-0 has thought about this one before, that Paige is a better pitcher than Cy Young.  That statement alone is almost sacrosanct to admit in public. 

This article is a good read.  If the pitcher’s award cannot be renamed for Paige then maybe the Ironman award could be named after Paige.  Satchel pitched for a very very long time.  It is unfortunate that Paige did not receive his due in time.

Shout out to M0yo for putting this article up. 

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Posted: June 21, 2009 in golf, hiatus

Stank-0 is currently travelling and then will be in training all next week. Unless, Werdsworth, SPS, and M0yo pick up the slack…it might be a light week here.

Before Stank-0 packs it up, the US Open is compelling TV.

David Duval is in striking position of the leaders. Duval been MIA since 1999. Yeah, 10 years. The commentators mentioned some personal problems, and that makes sense. When your life is in turmoil, golf slides down the priority list.

Good luck David Duval.

Also, Tiger is way back in the field like he got lost.

Sammy has recently been outted on the infamous steriods list. I want to touch on something else, but I’ll come back to the list itself.

Who of you in the darkest recesses of your mind can say that you did think that Slammin Sammy was totally clean? Honestly, if Ken Griffey Jr. and Albert “the Machine” Pujols’ names are on that list, I wouldn’t even be surprised at this point. A-Rod, Manny, and Sammy have the steriods cloud hanging over their head.

Now about the list itself. Obviously, there’s a leak and it needs to be plugged. These players willingly tested themselves with the belief that it would be kept confidential. ESPN analysts think the leak is in the US government. That presents a whole new set of problems. I doubt MLB would do this to themselves so they can be successfully ruled out.

The question is how do you root out the leak? I have no idea.

Stallworth vs. Vick

Posted: June 17, 2009 in NFL, sports opinion

ESPN is doing its damndest to distinguish between the punishment that each of them received. Stank-0 cannot see the connection no matter how hard the “legal analysts” try to get me to buy it. ESPN threw out the rationale that the Justice Dept thought that Vick wasn’t being forthcoming. Show me some proof that he wasn’t helpful and Stank-0 will buy that one. Stallworth killed a human being and Vick killed an animal. You can dress it up all you want but that’s the facts.

As much as Stank-0 loves pets (snakes, spiders, fish, dogs, cats, etc.) they will never ever ever EVER EVAR in Stank-0’s eye be equal to a human being. You can flame Stank-0 in the comments all you want, Stank-0’s opinion ain’t changing. Not now, not never.

Vick did Fed time (Ft. Leavenworth is serious business) and Stallworth got 30 days minus 6 days for time served. Again human being and a large number of dogs…animals.

Superfight fall!

Posted: June 17, 2009 in Boxing

The Mayweather-Marquez bout has been pushed back because Money injured his ribs training, so that bout will be rescheduled most likely in the early to late fall. I think Floyd is training too hard in anticipation of gettin Pacquiao next. Mayweather is defensive and needs to be all the way hunnid for this fight.

The other fight is Pacquiao-Cotto. This will be the better of the two superfights. Pacman and Cotto are very offensive fighters. Cotto doesn’t clutch and he’s like the 2nd coming of Gatti with more skill. I’ll let Sportaphile, another good site, lay out the strategy. Chuck is more up on his boxing grizzy than I am.

This fight is gonna be one of the most exciting things we see all year
because their styles are very suited for each other. Manny is a fast
offensive fighter, Miguel is all-heart and never clenches his opponent.
Team Pacquiao made a VERY smart move by targeting Cotto because:

1. His defense is mediocre. Cotto has been put on his @ss and rocked
PLENTY of times, this plays into Manny’s hands.
2. Cotto is relatively slow, he doesn’t wow anyone with his hand

That’s some expert analysis right there. Go read the rest, here. I might have to find a TV or bar to watch one or both fights.

[Shout out to Sportaphile]

This was inspired by the Brandon Marshall trade demand. Why is that we never hear about the Pittsburgh Steelers in such a situation? They seem to get a player from the draft, give him a reasonable deal, he plays out his deal and they re-up in the offseason. No drama.

What are the model franchises in sports? We know the dysfunctional ones pretty much by heart because they are constantly in the MSM.

In the NFL, the list ends and begins with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Rooney family are the quintessential football family dynasty. They won Super Bowls in the 70s, drafted Bradshaw and let him lead. Now they found an absolute steal with Roethlisberger in the 2004 draft and have won two Super Bowls in this decade. They keep reloaded at linebacker and keep it moving.

I looked in the NFC, but couldn’t find another team. The Indianapolis Colts would be another choice. This offseason is the most turmoil from the Indy camp in a very long time and that’s because of some turnover. Colts’ players sign a deal and then eventually restructure it to allow them to restructure more deals. When is the last time you heard of a trade demand or a hold out from Peyton, Addai, Wayne, etc?

In the NBA, it would be the San Antonio Spurs. They had the Admiral suffer an injury plagued season and then won the Tim Duncan sweepstakes, which netted them a title soon after he joined the team. Then they found Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili through due diligence and they have a core for another 2-3 seasons with Tim Duncan as the lynchpin. The owner, GM, and coach are all in synch. As much as I hate Bruce Bowen’s questionable defense, the organization is how it should be done.

The Utah Jazz would be a candidate for the 2nd team. They have a long time coach, a good owner and GM. That’s the recipe for a stable organization. Their franchise players are locked into long term deals. The only issue they have is signing the other players to surround the franchise players.

In the NHL, probably the Detroit Red Wings. They lose players, sign new ones, and keep it moving. You never hear anything about signing problems or trade demands. Mostly because players are willing to sign at a discount for the chance at a title.

Since I’m not that up on NHL, I can’t think of a good second team. My gut tells me to go with the Pittsburgh Penguins. They have a stable of players and nary a word about any money troubles.

I couldn’t think of a good example for MLB because they don’t have to be fiscally responsible. There is no salary cap so players can sign a 10 year, $252M contract. So I had to leave MLB out.

Thoughts? Am I on point or off base?

In other news, this is the Stankoniforous Files 301st post. We been doing it for a minute here. WE plan to keep on doing too.