Posted: May 31, 2009 in Finals, Magic, NBA, sports opinion
As mentioned previously, the Lakers are in and now the Magic are there as well.  The Cavs were a step slow in game 6, and the problems they had were never solved.  Lewis and Hedo were cookin defenders out there.  Superman had 40 and 12!  Seriously. 

The Magic are gonna have to work against the Lakers.  The matchups they had will largely be negated.  Kobe will get Lewis/Hedo and Odom will get the other.  They can throw 2 bigs at Superman as well.  If Pietrus can get hot he can be the difference maker.  Stank-0 would expect for Odom to start during the Finals for the matchup alone. 

As far as the point guards are concerned, Skip is gonna get his.  Fish, Farmar, and Vuacic (sp? like Stank-0 cares) cannot see Skip. 

It’s about time to start believing in the Magic.  They took down the Celtics at their house and the Cavs (with the coach of the year, MVP, and best home record) in 6.  It’s time to stop sleeping on the Magic. 

On another note, Stank-0 has to agree with a friend on FB regarding Kobe…lemme find the quote. 

[Redacted], personally, is tired of watching Kobe walk like MJ, jog like MJ…stick his tongue out, make facial gestures, chew gum, point, and even try to TALK like MJ!!! Is it just me?!? 

After watching, a post game interview, Stank-0 can see [redacted]’s point.  It’s like he copied MJ’s playbook.  That’s copyright infringement.  He can’t be Kobe because no one really likes him, but that’s another post of its own. 

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