We enjoyed the ride!

Posted: May 30, 2009 in NBA, playoffs, sports opinion
The Nuggets’ magical ride is over.  The Lakers mercilessly ended their season in game 6.  Let’s be honest with ourselves no one expected the Nuggets to get this far back when they dealt AI for Smooth.  Stank-0 knew they would play better but not this well. 

Let’s focus on the positives from this season.  The Nuggets got to see what a steady point guard does to a team.  Melo made a huge stride towards being one of those guys in the NBA, up there with Kobe, the King, and Flash.  Speakin of which, will we refer to him as Melo or give him some nickname?  Stank-0 thinks of such things so you (the reader(s)) don’t have to.  The Nuggets advanced to the conference finals for the first time since the 90s.  Thats an accomplishment.  Melo was on his way to being T-Mac Jr., the 2nd round virgin

Now for next season, the Nuggets need to do a few things.  1. Karl needs to get his coaching game up.  Those in-bound plays were atrocious.  M0yo and Stank-0 covered this. 

M0yo: they coulda put a strangle hold on the game.

  George Karl needs to make better inbound plays.
  that “stack” shit is so rec league.
 Stank-0: yeah
he does
  his inbound plays are bad
 i think this highlights that karl has hit his coaching ceiling
 M0yo: He’s no Larry Brown, that’s for sure.
 Stank-0: well larry is larry
 M0yo: those inbound plays should probably be stolen once every 500 times
 not twice in 3 games
  by the same player
  in crucial spots.

Second, the Nuggets need to draft a point guard, and this draft has plenty of point guards making themselves available.  Stank-0 realizes they draft near the bottom of the 1st round, but a steal can be had around there.  As far as point guards go, Smooth is gettin up in age.  JR Smith and Anthony Carter are not the answer at point guard.  Deal Carter for another big (a 3 would be ideal).  Next, work on deals for Smith and the other relevant free agents to be. 

The way the West is looking right now, the Nuggets need to build to contend with the Lakers.  The Spurs are in the downward slope, they beat the Mavs and Hornets already, the Blazers are too young right now, the Rockets’ window is closing as we speak, and the Jazz really don’t have the personnel to score with the Nuggets.  Right now is the Nuggets’ window of opportunity.  They are young enough to contend for about 4-5 years.  Unfortunately, it’s a very tenuous situation.  If you are not progressing you are being left behind.  If the Nuggets braintrust make the right moves, they are set.  If not…well you all remember what those Nuggets looked like. 

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