UEFA Champions

Posted: May 27, 2009 in soccer
Barcelona Carl de Souza/AFP/Getty Images
What a game!  The setting was great; Roma, Italia!  The principals were in place, ESPN played too many of the UEFA commericals (Seriously that gets annoying after about 30 seconds.  Hearing CHAAAAAMPIONS! over and over is not the business.) 

Man U came out like gangbusters, Christiano Ronaldo had about 5 shots on goals in the first 7-8 minutes.  Man U was tryin to throw a haymaker in the 1st round, but this is a heavyweight bout.  He came up with nothing.  Then early in the game, (10th minute), Barcelona struck.  That took the air out of the Man U’s first half. 

Then in the 2nd half, Messi headed a beautiful cross to ice the game.  Messi is only…wait for it…21 years old.  He and Ronaldo are considered the best players in the world.  Both certainly made the case for it. 

If Man U had won it would have been two straight and the first club to notch the 12th title, instead that distinction now goes to FC Barcelona.  This is merely the a set up for a great month of football (soccer) for USA football (soccer) fans.

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