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The Clippers’ draft

Posted: May 24, 2009 in NBA, sports opinion
As you all know by now, the Los Angeles Clippers have won the right to draft first in the upcoming NBA draft.  The presumptive #1 pick is Blake Griffin. There are those (read: Clippers’ fans) who are convinced that the Clippers braintrust (isn’t that an oxymoron) will somehow find a way to mess up this draft. 

Stank-0 is of the opinion that the Clippers have enough good bigs that they don’t need B Griff.  They have Al Thornton, Chris Kaman, Zach Randolph (trade bait!), DeAndre Jordan, and Marcus Camby.  Stank-0 was of the opinion that the Clippers should not draft Griffin.  Now Stank-0 believes that the Clips should trade him for a guard (shooting or point).  They need someone to team up with BDiddy in the mean time with an eye for the future.  They are tight in the frontcourt. Thornton is a good big for the Clips. 

For the Clips, they have too many bigs as it.  We already know that Randolph is  a goner.  He’s been underachieving since….what, Portland?  Kaman, Jordan, and Thornton are still young so they have some time and Camby is on the downside of his career but is still serviceable. 

If the Clips keep him, they turn into the LA Knicks, with a glut of bigs. They get logjammed in the frontcourt, how does drafting one more big help?

Agree, disagree, different suggestion?

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