Is there a better sports related reality show than 24/7?

Posted: May 20, 2009 in Boxing
With respect given to Pros vs. Joes, the king of sports reality programming is clearly 24/7, and a major reason is the Mayweather fam.  We’ve watched them consume the hood drink of choice (Kool-aid stand up!), we’ve been through the multitude of family feuds. 

His appearance on ESPN only cemented his 24/7 status.  Honestly, it should be 24/Mayweather b/c the other ones were kinda lame.  Now he comes back for his throne (on the latest installment and in the ring against Marquez).  We knew that Mayweather was comin back…only if the money was right.  Why waste time fightin scrubs without a payday to prove what everyone already knew? 

Assuming that he gets past Marquez, Mayweather-Pacquiao 24/7 will be bananas.  *Fingers crossed*

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