Posted: May 18, 2009 in media, sports opinion

Not sure how to title this, here goes. In the library, Stank-0 overheard some undergrad white girls dissecting a Gatorade commercial featuring MJ. It was part of a report they were doing. From the snippets Stank-0 heard they are comparing and contrasting the media portrayals of women and men in sports. Men are shown as rugged and actively participating while women are sensualized for their commercials. What caught Stank-0’s attention was they took offense that MJ was dark and primal black man because they had him sweating Gatorade in those series of commercials.

First of all, black men are “other” anyway so to highlight just the sports aspect is kinda belittling. Stank-0 as, a black male, did not see the primal otherness of the commercial. MJ is dark for starters (Stank-0 saw him at a senior players basketball tryout back in 2000 and he could have doubled for my shadow) so that kinda takes away from that. Secondly, it was a juxtaposition between his skin tone so that the Gatorade would be highlighted. Nothing to see here move along, right?

Where the 2520s correct? Was Stank-0 minimizing the other-ization of MJ?

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