Big BABY!!!!!! BABY!!!

Posted: May 11, 2009 in big baby, Boston Celtics, Magic, NBA, playoffs

While I may not calling another man Baby (just sorta a personal thing) Glen “Big Baby” Davis made me a fan when he was a LSU eating all the Chicken and the HogMAWLS (Thanks Friday!!!!) He also was a huge deal in the SEC and helped to make the LSU team matter when Florida routinely killed all the competition in conference.

Well yesterday he made the shot, and the push heard round the internet……. world. I must say that Big Baby has grown on me more as a Celtic than I thought he would. As a role player last year he hugged the bench pretty tight. This year with the loss of KG and Leon Powe he has really stepped up.

So save for his hair experiments this year (GROWN MEN DONT WEAR MOWHAWKS…. well maybe Ron Artest does, but the only 2 guys that I can remember in the NBA with numbers that high 96 for Artest and 99 for Dennis Rodman; Nuff Said) I am glad he has gotten better and can contribute. I guess its because I myself am a big guy and have a love for basketball, football and lacrosse. So looking at BBD, reminds me of Oliver Miller, Natrone Means, and Christian Okoe…..

So here is to you BIG BABY!!!! and I hope you dont get fined or suspended for the push on the kid…

  1. Big Baby please say the Baby!

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