In Memoriam

Posted: May 10, 2009 in NBA

In case you haven’t heard a true legend passed away. Chuck Daly, Pistons coach for 2 NBA titles and the original Dream Team, died at the age of 78 from pancreatic cancer.

It wasn’t really surprising, his condition was mentioned towards the end of the regular season. Daly was the quintessential old school 80s NBA coach and perfectly suited for the Pistons.

I remember him during the 92 Olympics, absolutely refusing to call a timeout. Honestly, why should he? Magic, Bird, MJ, Ewing, the Admiral, Sir Charles, Stockton-and-Malone, Scottie, Clyde the Glide,Mullin, and Laettner. There’s not need to call any, let them play it out.

I also remember Daly’s stint with the Magic. It did not go well, b/c Penny was a lil cake @ss simp. You have to admire Daly’s grit. He will be missed. The NBA fraternity lost a good one.

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