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Missing person sighting

Posted: May 10, 2009 in NBA

During the Lakers-Rockets game, they showed the bench, and who did I see but….James “Flight” White among the bench mob. For those in the know, White got hoops and was runner up in a college dunk contest.

Some of his memorable dunks can be found, here.

Le Mans 24 hours

Posted: May 10, 2009 in racing
Stank-0 is a big racing fan (the son of a ’71 Chevelle owning gearhead), the Le Mans 24 hours race is the equivalent of a drive from NY to LA. They are talking about this new diesel engine from Le Mans. It gets quiet once you surpass 120 mph.

This race is on Stank-0’s bucket list. That would be great to drive for 24 hours.

Right now the titans are Audi vs. Peugeot in a diesel engine battle for supremacy. The LeMans diesel is old and the Peugeot is the new hotness. They seem to like endurance races in Europe. Stank-0 would like to catch one of these races.

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In Memoriam

Posted: May 10, 2009 in NBA

In case you haven’t heard a true legend passed away. Chuck Daly, Pistons coach for 2 NBA titles and the original Dream Team, died at the age of 78 from pancreatic cancer.

It wasn’t really surprising, his condition was mentioned towards the end of the regular season. Daly was the quintessential old school 80s NBA coach and perfectly suited for the Pistons.

I remember him during the 92 Olympics, absolutely refusing to call a timeout. Honestly, why should he? Magic, Bird, MJ, Ewing, the Admiral, Sir Charles, Stockton-and-Malone, Scottie, Clyde the Glide,Mullin, and Laettner. There’s not need to call any, let them play it out.

I also remember Daly’s stint with the Magic. It did not go well, b/c Penny was a lil cake @ss simp. You have to admire Daly’s grit. He will be missed. The NBA fraternity lost a good one.

Western Conference Championship

Posted: May 10, 2009 in NBA, playoffs

Glenn James/Getty Images

You all can pencil in the Nuggets for the WCF. No one has ever come back from a 0-3 deficit. The only question is do you bring brooms or close out in the Mile High. What can be said about Melo?! Holla at ya people! Though that was a foul, real talk.

How did the Mavericks come to such a sorry state. If Manu Ginobili hadn’t been injured, they wouldn’t even be here. Don’t lie to yourselves. The Spurs would have advanced instead.

I can understand the Mav’s players being upset. I would be too but not in the officials’ grills. You have another game to play in a few days.