Gettin brolic

Posted: May 7, 2009 in NBA, sports opinion
Aight, all these fights in the league last night.  Let’s break it down so it stays broke(n). 

Skip vs. House 

House tossed a chicken wing at Skip and got smacked in the back of the head for it.  House wanted to claim that he was “bustin @ss” and Skip tried to take him out of his game.

Stank-0’s assessement: tit for tat.  Bows = gettin smacked upside the head.  No crime here.  Emperor Stern is hittin Skip for a game outta his paycheck. 

Fish vs. Scola

Scola started this up with Odom and then switched to gettin in Walton’s grill piece.  So on the beginning of a play, Fish straight up laid Scola down with a super chicken wing.  Then he tried to front like he to hit in the head. 

Stank-0’s assessment: open and shut.  Fish did look back to size up Scola, then he trucked him. Stern co-signs as well.   

Kobe vs. Ron Ron

Artest was pushin Kobe under the basket (Ron Ron is strong no lie) Kobe tossed a chicken wing at the neck, and Artest got whistled.  Ron Ron got upset (as he should have) and let Kobe know about, gettin tossed. 

Stank-0 assessment:  Intent should not matter, what happened is that Kobe tossed a bow and hit someone in the neck.  At the very least that should have been a flagrant 2.  Emperor Stern disagreed and Kobe only got a flagrant 1.  Star treatment, anyone?

Agree?  Disagree?  See it different?  Lemme know. 

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