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Posted: May 31, 2009 in Finals, Magic, NBA, sports opinion
As mentioned previously, the Lakers are in and now the Magic are there as well.  The Cavs were a step slow in game 6, and the problems they had were never solved.  Lewis and Hedo were cookin defenders out there.  Superman had 40 and 12!  Seriously. 

The Magic are gonna have to work against the Lakers.  The matchups they had will largely be negated.  Kobe will get Lewis/Hedo and Odom will get the other.  They can throw 2 bigs at Superman as well.  If Pietrus can get hot he can be the difference maker.  Stank-0 would expect for Odom to start during the Finals for the matchup alone. 

As far as the point guards are concerned, Skip is gonna get his.  Fish, Farmar, and Vuacic (sp? like Stank-0 cares) cannot see Skip. 

It’s about time to start believing in the Magic.  They took down the Celtics at their house and the Cavs (with the coach of the year, MVP, and best home record) in 6.  It’s time to stop sleeping on the Magic. 

On another note, Stank-0 has to agree with a friend on FB regarding Kobe…lemme find the quote. 

[Redacted], personally, is tired of watching Kobe walk like MJ, jog like MJ…stick his tongue out, make facial gestures, chew gum, point, and even try to TALK like MJ!!! Is it just me?!? 

After watching, a post game interview, Stank-0 can see [redacted]’s point.  It’s like he copied MJ’s playbook.  That’s copyright infringement.  He can’t be Kobe because no one really likes him, but that’s another post of its own. 

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We enjoyed the ride!

Posted: May 30, 2009 in NBA, playoffs, sports opinion
The Nuggets’ magical ride is over.  The Lakers mercilessly ended their season in game 6.  Let’s be honest with ourselves no one expected the Nuggets to get this far back when they dealt AI for Smooth.  Stank-0 knew they would play better but not this well. 

Let’s focus on the positives from this season.  The Nuggets got to see what a steady point guard does to a team.  Melo made a huge stride towards being one of those guys in the NBA, up there with Kobe, the King, and Flash.  Speakin of which, will we refer to him as Melo or give him some nickname?  Stank-0 thinks of such things so you (the reader(s)) don’t have to.  The Nuggets advanced to the conference finals for the first time since the 90s.  Thats an accomplishment.  Melo was on his way to being T-Mac Jr., the 2nd round virgin

Now for next season, the Nuggets need to do a few things.  1. Karl needs to get his coaching game up.  Those in-bound plays were atrocious.  M0yo and Stank-0 covered this. 

M0yo: they coulda put a strangle hold on the game.

  George Karl needs to make better inbound plays.
  that “stack” shit is so rec league.
 Stank-0: yeah
he does
  his inbound plays are bad
 i think this highlights that karl has hit his coaching ceiling
 M0yo: He’s no Larry Brown, that’s for sure.
 Stank-0: well larry is larry
 M0yo: those inbound plays should probably be stolen once every 500 times
 not twice in 3 games
  by the same player
  in crucial spots.

Second, the Nuggets need to draft a point guard, and this draft has plenty of point guards making themselves available.  Stank-0 realizes they draft near the bottom of the 1st round, but a steal can be had around there.  As far as point guards go, Smooth is gettin up in age.  JR Smith and Anthony Carter are not the answer at point guard.  Deal Carter for another big (a 3 would be ideal).  Next, work on deals for Smith and the other relevant free agents to be. 

The way the West is looking right now, the Nuggets need to build to contend with the Lakers.  The Spurs are in the downward slope, they beat the Mavs and Hornets already, the Blazers are too young right now, the Rockets’ window is closing as we speak, and the Jazz really don’t have the personnel to score with the Nuggets.  Right now is the Nuggets’ window of opportunity.  They are young enough to contend for about 4-5 years.  Unfortunately, it’s a very tenuous situation.  If you are not progressing you are being left behind.  If the Nuggets braintrust make the right moves, they are set.  If not…well you all remember what those Nuggets looked like. 

UEFA Champions

Posted: May 27, 2009 in soccer
Barcelona Carl de Souza/AFP/Getty Images
What a game!  The setting was great; Roma, Italia!  The principals were in place, ESPN played too many of the UEFA commericals (Seriously that gets annoying after about 30 seconds.  Hearing CHAAAAAMPIONS! over and over is not the business.) 

Man U came out like gangbusters, Christiano Ronaldo had about 5 shots on goals in the first 7-8 minutes.  Man U was tryin to throw a haymaker in the 1st round, but this is a heavyweight bout.  He came up with nothing.  Then early in the game, (10th minute), Barcelona struck.  That took the air out of the Man U’s first half. 

Then in the 2nd half, Messi headed a beautiful cross to ice the game.  Messi is only…wait for it…21 years old.  He and Ronaldo are considered the best players in the world.  Both certainly made the case for it. 

If Man U had won it would have been two straight and the first club to notch the 12th title, instead that distinction now goes to FC Barcelona.  This is merely the a set up for a great month of football (soccer) for USA football (soccer) fans.

The Clippers’ draft

Posted: May 24, 2009 in NBA, sports opinion
As you all know by now, the Los Angeles Clippers have won the right to draft first in the upcoming NBA draft.  The presumptive #1 pick is Blake Griffin. There are those (read: Clippers’ fans) who are convinced that the Clippers braintrust (isn’t that an oxymoron) will somehow find a way to mess up this draft. 

Stank-0 is of the opinion that the Clippers have enough good bigs that they don’t need B Griff.  They have Al Thornton, Chris Kaman, Zach Randolph (trade bait!), DeAndre Jordan, and Marcus Camby.  Stank-0 was of the opinion that the Clippers should not draft Griffin.  Now Stank-0 believes that the Clips should trade him for a guard (shooting or point).  They need someone to team up with BDiddy in the mean time with an eye for the future.  They are tight in the frontcourt. Thornton is a good big for the Clips. 

For the Clips, they have too many bigs as it.  We already know that Randolph is  a goner.  He’s been underachieving since….what, Portland?  Kaman, Jordan, and Thornton are still young so they have some time and Camby is on the downside of his career but is still serviceable. 

If the Clips keep him, they turn into the LA Knicks, with a glut of bigs. They get logjammed in the frontcourt, how does drafting one more big help?

Agree, disagree, different suggestion?

[Shout out to You got dunked on]

With respect given to Pros vs. Joes, the king of sports reality programming is clearly 24/7, and a major reason is the Mayweather fam.  We’ve watched them consume the hood drink of choice (Kool-aid stand up!), we’ve been through the multitude of family feuds. 

His appearance on ESPN only cemented his 24/7 status.  Honestly, it should be 24/Mayweather b/c the other ones were kinda lame.  Now he comes back for his throne (on the latest installment and in the ring against Marquez).  We knew that Mayweather was comin back…only if the money was right.  Why waste time fightin scrubs without a payday to prove what everyone already knew? 

Assuming that he gets past Marquez, Mayweather-Pacquiao 24/7 will be bananas.  *Fingers crossed*

The Vick-storm

Posted: May 20, 2009 in NFL, sports opinion

I won’t delve too deep into the Vick’s reinstatement prospects. I will say this whole “the NFL’s a privilege” business kinda irks me. Instead of me explaining why, I will tell you to read this.

A snippet to whet your appetite. Stank-0 I think we have a candidate for the blogroll.

This is the stupidest saying in all of sports, that the chance to make millions playing a game is a privilege. Really? Nothing is earned here? You mean to tell me the time from when these guys are in grade school, working almost year round on their respective sport’s skills and training their bodies, that they haven’t EARNED their spot in pro sports? Really?

I don’t think I could have said it any better myself. Happy reading!

[Shout out to Major League Jerk]


Posted: May 18, 2009 in media, sports opinion

Not sure how to title this, here goes. In the library, Stank-0 overheard some undergrad white girls dissecting a Gatorade commercial featuring MJ. It was part of a report they were doing. From the snippets Stank-0 heard they are comparing and contrasting the media portrayals of women and men in sports. Men are shown as rugged and actively participating while women are sensualized for their commercials. What caught Stank-0’s attention was they took offense that MJ was dark and primal black man because they had him sweating Gatorade in those series of commercials.

First of all, black men are “other” anyway so to highlight just the sports aspect is kinda belittling. Stank-0 as, a black male, did not see the primal otherness of the commercial. MJ is dark for starters (Stank-0 saw him at a senior players basketball tryout back in 2000 and he could have doubled for my shadow) so that kinda takes away from that. Secondly, it was a juxtaposition between his skin tone so that the Gatorade would be highlighted. Nothing to see here move along, right?

Where the 2520s correct? Was Stank-0 minimizing the other-ization of MJ?

All I hear in the streets (read: blogosphere and ESPN) is talk of the “steriods era.” That is highly dubious as Orson Welles would say. I found this article over at Only Baseball Matters that gives some context. The crux of the article is this: the “steriod era” goes back more than 40 years.

Go read OBM and the SI article, they are good reads. Fellow Stankoniforous Files writers and readers, what are your thoughts?

NBA’s Final Four

Posted: May 14, 2009 in NBA, playoffs

Let’s call a spade and spade and look at the Conference Finals.

In the West, it will be the Nuggets and…the Lakers. That will be quite a conference series. I will leave it to others to either handicap the finals or give different projections.

In the East, it will be Cleveland and Boston. Lock it up. This series won’t last long. Cleveland in 4 or 5. MVP James is a meast. The KG-less Celtics are just a bump in the round for the Cavs on their way to the Finals.

Thoughts? Am I right, wrong, delusional?


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I wsa just sent this article and it included the caption.

“Man I was at the computer like a little kid, with my hands up under my chin just reading. “

I cannot explain this story any better than that.

Take some time, read and enjoy.

Smooth AKA Mr. Big Shot