The best playoff series…in sports

Posted: April 30, 2009 in NHL, playoffs
The Washington Capitals advance to face the Pittsburgh Penguins.  Now they faced off early in the season, and there was some bad blood between Sid and AO.  Here’s the particulars in case ya’ll forgot. 

After a little push-and-shove, Sidney Crosby was still running his mouth, even as his helmet came off and a linesman tried to push him back toward the bench.

Alex Ovechkin responded with a dismissive, “bye-bye” wave of the left hand, practically taunting the Pittsburgh Penguins star.

This is gonna be great.  There is no way that some talkin and fisticuffs do NOT pop off.  They clearly DISLIKE/HATE each other, and its filtered down to their respective teams. 

There isn’t a better series jumpin off in playoff sports right now, including the Bulls-Celtics, multi-overtime games.  That is a great series but there’s no bad blood between these teams, Rando’s head swipe notwithstanding. 

This series is goin to at least 6 games.  Stank-0 picks the Capitals to advance.  AO for MVP!  Son has been scoring like a HS QB on prom night.  That would be back to back! 

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