Thank You Denver…. Good night

Posted: April 30, 2009 in NBA, playoffs

I am so happy that Denver did what everyone thought they could after the shellacking put down on the NO Buzz earlier this weekend. They WON THE SERIES…..

I was so tired of hearing every year, Melo can’t get to the second round. Melo doesn’t have the killer instinct. Melo this, Melo that.

Does anyone realize that a basketball team is more than one man????

I sorta dont understand the logic. Bron Bron was able to get to later playoff rounds in a weaker Eastern conference with help. The Cavs played and embarassed the Wiz for 2 straight years and on top of that the Wizards were always hurt. People forget about that. Melo without much consistent help kept getting to the playoffs in a much more arduous Western Conference and happened to lose in the first round.

I am ecstatic. They talk about Man crushes, Melo is by far not my Man Crush, but he is from Baltimore (Check), Played at Syracuse (Check, Check, Syracuse is one of my all time fave schools, and orange is my favorite color), and he is a Jordan Brand athlete (Check, Check, Check). So while he fits three different criterion for the Man Crush, I am just fond of the player that he is becoming. I will expand later on his consistent Olympic snubbing, but that is for later.

Congrats Nuggets, Get prepared to put it on the Mavs ( I cant stand the MAVS AT ALL!!!!!!!!) Granted I have much respect for Mark Cuban’s Gangster (verb not noun) I still dont like the Mavs. Dirk and Terry and Howard, all good guys, But really Mavs <<<<<>>>>> KID SID!!!!!

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