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Game 7

Posted: April 27, 2009 in Game 7, NHL, playoffs

The Washington Capitals were DOA after goin down 3-1, or so we thought. This isn’t anything new because they were in this exact same position last year.

Maybe they like adversity, but Werds thought AO was planning his vacation because the Rangers were gonna send him home.

If only I could be in the Verizon Center for Game 7. You know it will be loud and red in there.

Anyone know when that game is coming on? I’m watchin that one.

On the come up!

Posted: April 27, 2009 in NBA, playoffs

The Chicago Bulls have pulled even with the Boston Celtics at 2 tight. B.G.’s nickname should be 4Q since that’s when he’s ballin the most.

I honestly thought this series was over after the blowout at the 1st Bulls’ home game. Obviously, this is going to 7 games, but I’m not so sure that the Bulls can’t win this. The Celtics can’t stop any Bull from explodin on them. Rose and then Gordon two times.

I wonder if KG would really be that big of a difference? Maybe in Rose’s case but BG’s J has been wet like a rainstorm. KG on the inside doesn’t change that fact. Jesus Shuttlesworth can chase BG off the trey but the BG can drive in for the intermediate J. KG in the game doesn’t change that at all.

This is officially the series of the playoffs. Go get em!

Vacation time!

Posted: April 27, 2009 in NBA, playoffs, sports opinion
The Cavs finally swept the Pistons.  It was not unexpected.  Let’s deal with the aftermath because the usual stories will be how great LBJ was, how well the Cavs played as a team, how poorly the Pistons’ regulars played, blah, blah, blah.

The two biggest contracts on the Pistons books are AI and Sheed.  It’s a safe bet that AI is goin somewhere else.  Where that will be is anyone’s guess.  Sheed may or may not come back depending on if he is willing to restructure his deal.  In Stank-0’s opinion, Sheed won’t have a problem finding a place to play.  Teams would love a declining, multi-positional big who can splash treys around in big game situations.  If for nothing else the information he can impart to the youngbloods onthe team. 

As for the Pistons, they have enough pieces to be competitive in 3-4 years.  Their youngins need to get some experience under their belts.  They will not be in contention for a very long time, though.  This also does not help their cause in 2010 in grabbing a big time free agent.  Who wants to play for an underwhelming team?  Exactly.  It’s like the Knicks without the lure of NYC, you got nothing. 

As for the playoffs, the Cavs will advance to at least the East Conference Finals.  They are 3-1 in the season series against both the Atlanta Hawks and Miami Heat.  King me, checkers!

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