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So the Detroit Lions selected Stafford as expected.  Stank-0 will be on live for the first 10 picks or at least until the Chiefs pick.

The NFL draft hats are horrible.  The Rams have 7 minutes and counting to make their selection.  Now the analysts are circle jerkin how great Stafford will be.  Picture time for Stafford, his lady, the fam, and the Lions brass. 

The Rams now have a 2 minute warning.  Do they take another linemen?  The analysts are saying take best versus need.  Stank-0 disagrees. 

We are comin under 1 minute.  Thirty seconds. 

The Rams’ time is now up.  Their selectionis forthcoming.  Here we go…the Rams have selected Jason Smith, OT from Baylor.  Stank-0 approves this pick.  Bolster your line and your team will prosper.  Picture time with the fam. 

The Chiefs now have 7 mins.  Stank-0 thinks they should take a defensive player.  The question is who to take?  Orakpo, Curry, or Jackson? 

Three minutes and counting.  The analysts are thinkin the Chiefs are drafting for D.  The pick is in…the Chiefs have selected…Tyson Jackson DE/LSU.  He reteams with Glenn Dorsey.  He will be workable DE and help bolster the 3-4 scheme.  With that Stank-0 has stopped caring have a good day. 

UPDATE!  Had to jump in here.  Contrary to the “experts” the C-Hawks grabbed Aaron Curry, OLB/ Wake Forest.  How far does Sanchez fall?  The next pick the Browns do not have a QB problem either. 

The Browns now have under 5 minutes left.  The analysts are slobbin on Sanchez.  How did he learn where the bodies are buried?  He was sinkin like a stone and then the only name we heard was Sanchez like he was the 2nd coming of Johnny U.  Stank-0 would pass on a guy with only 16 starts in college himself.  Is Sanchez this years’ Brady Quinn? 

A Lakers-Jazz commerical.  Should have showed Booz bangin on Pasol

The Jets have made a deal to move up for the Browns pick.  It looks like they will grab Sanchez here.  Wonder what was the compensation?  The analysts are fallin over themselves to shine up Sanchez’ nob.  Stank-0 can’t co-sign this Sanchez sensationalism. 

Sanchez put on the Jets cap about 2 mins before the decision came from Goodell.  It’s official the Jets take Sanchez. 

Sanchez=Brees?  Steve Young STFU, please!  Stank-0 liked this draft better when it was on mute.

The Bengals have less than 6 minutes.  Stank-0 thinks they will take up the entire time talkin about Sanchez’s future Hall of Fame career. 

The Browns get DE Abram Elam, QB Brett Ratliff, DE Kenyon Coleman, 2009 2nd round pick and 2009 1st round pick (17th overall).  Stank-0 is convinced that the Browns got the better end of this deal.  Those players can be dealt and the picks can be dealt.  That deal could reverberate for the Browns into 2010 and 2011 or even later.   

The Bengals have selected…Andre Smith OT/Alabama.  That’s a good pick.  That line folded like a wrinkled suit.  Carson Palmer should be very happy about this pick.  The “experts” are pickin apart this pick.  The Bengals needed to fix the line.  This could keep Ocho Cinco in town, although he will get double teamed now.  Housh wears C-Hawks green.  

The Raiders at #7 are on the clock now.  Al Davis is infatuated with speed so Maclin?  They need help everywhere.  Under 4 minutes for Oakland.  The pick is in.  The Raiders have taken…Darius Heyward-Bey WR, Maryland.  HUGE SURPRISE!  Hey-Bey over Crab?  Stank-0 is shocked.  Man, he was graded as an F by Kiper and McShay.  Al Davis likes his skill players because he keeps drafting them.  They are skewering Hey-Bey mercilessly.  McShay:  “Bust.”

Jacksonville is on the clock under 6 minutes as the #8 pick.  The analysts think that Crab’s gonna move off very soon.  Michael Smith predicts Eugene Monroe OT from VA.  The Jags are comin under 1 minute.  The pick is in…the Jags have taken…Eugene Monroe OT, UVA.  Smart pick.  This is a OT heavy first 10 picks.  Maybe teams are realizing the value of linemen.  SPS is on his game

The Packers are on the clock now with the #9 pick.  They are under 7 minutes.  B.J. Raji DT/BC was shown on the cell.  Maybe?  It looks like the Packers have selected B.J. Raji DT/BC.  He will be integral for the Pack’s 3-4 defense.  The Packers have taken… B.J. Raji DT/BC.  It’s official. 

The 49ers are on the clock with the #10 pick.  Crab may move here.  Under 7 minutes.  The debate for the 9ers is Orakpo or Crab?  Crab is on the phone so…maybe Crab?  The pick is in the 9ers have taken…Michael Crabtree WR/ Texas Tech.  Will he fit in with Coach Singletary?  With that my day is done.  Enjoy yourselves. 

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Stank-0 is goin to call this now.  There is no way that the Lions will get an adequate return on investment for what they are payin Stafford.  His deal is 6 yrs @ $78M with $41.7M guaranteed.  Brady and Manning aren’t gettin this type of guaranteed money, and they have rings. 

Stank-0 just don’t see it.  How will Stafford be in a place to excel?  The Lions have one player of note, Calvin Johnson.  A toilet paper O/D line because they ain’t sh*t.  SPS said it best, get some line help.  Oh well, Stank-0 hopes all that money will make things better for you in Detroit. 


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