Posted: April 24, 2009 in NFL, offseason, sports opinion
Stank-0 read an article about the great L.T. (not LaDainian, sorry).  We all know his story.  The drugs, etc.  The interview delved into L.T. vs. the Minister of Defense debate.  Stank-0 believes that is a draw, but people gravitate to L.T. more.  One because he’s still alive.  More than that, Stank-0 thinks it’s because we saw his weaknesses and his struggles.  As fickle as Americans are, we are about forgiving and giving second chances. 

It’s bigger than that, L.T. was larger than life and we enjoy larger than life personas.  That’s why Wilt, Al Capone, L.T., Abraham Lincoln, and the robber barons are so interesting.

Another thing that Stank-0 noticed about the L.T. article was the UNC connect.  What is it about that school that some legendary players have gone there.  LT and MJ play golf together.  The two blueprints like to swing the clubs on the back 9.  What kinda conversations must they have.  Each revolutionized their respective sports.   

This also reinforces why the Tuna is so unyielding.  LT got on board with his plan and they got rings.  Tuna didn’t change for LT who are some of these soft-in-the-@ss, primadonna new age players to make him change now? 

For more on LT, check the Sporting News. 

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