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Stank-0 read an article about the great L.T. (not LaDainian, sorry).  We all know his story.  The drugs, etc.  The interview delved into L.T. vs. the Minister of Defense debate.  Stank-0 believes that is a draw, but people gravitate to L.T. more.  One because he’s still alive.  More than that, Stank-0 thinks it’s because we saw his weaknesses and his struggles.  As fickle as Americans are, we are about forgiving and giving second chances. 

It’s bigger than that, L.T. was larger than life and we enjoy larger than life personas.  That’s why Wilt, Al Capone, L.T., Abraham Lincoln, and the robber barons are so interesting.

Another thing that Stank-0 noticed about the L.T. article was the UNC connect.  What is it about that school that some legendary players have gone there.  LT and MJ play golf together.  The two blueprints like to swing the clubs on the back 9.  What kinda conversations must they have.  Each revolutionized their respective sports.   

This also reinforces why the Tuna is so unyielding.  LT got on board with his plan and they got rings.  Tuna didn’t change for LT who are some of these soft-in-the-@ss, primadonna new age players to make him change now? 

For more on LT, check the Sporting News. 

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Word on the street is that Jason Campbell will request a trade if the Skins draft a QB. This will get very interesting. This sounds like a test of wills and the player usually doesn’t win.

I guess Campbell has finally had enough. Frankly, I think Campbell is good once you let him get familiar with system instead of changing the system season after season. There are a few teams that would be interested, namely the Raiders, Jets, Bucs, Titans, Broncos, and Lions. Hell, even the Vikings might try to jump on Campbell.

In the days approaching the NFL Draft prognosticators have the Good Ole Lions picking ROCKET ARM Stafford from Georgia. In the last few years which Number One QBs have changed the teams that they have ended up on immediately? That answer is very very few.

In looking at the top 5 QBs from last year (QB RATING), Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Chad Pennington, Kurt Warner, and my BOY Phillip Rivers (Go Chargers!!!!) , the only one of these guys that was a number one draft pick was Peyton Manning. In that list Peyton is arguably one of the best to ever play and it took him many years to develop into the talent he is today.

I say all that to say this. When will GM’s learn? Franchise QBs are groomed and built within a system. They dont grow on trees, they are not available immediately after college, and they take time to mature, like a fine wine. I will agree last season was weird with Flacco, and Ryan coming out of the gates and doing a very good job. But no one thought at University of Delaware, and Boston College respectively that either guy would start this past season and do what they did.

This post is entitled Universal Mind Control from this glamorous thought that one great QB will make your team great forever. Get over it. There is not a Peyton Manning in this draft. Joe Montana retired a Chief, Steve Young is on ESPN, Elway is coaching / fathering, Randal Cunningham is somewhere, and Warren Moon is probably yelling at someone.

Please look to the real rocks of the draft. Offensive lineman. History has shown us that rock solid lineman drafted in the first round last for 10 or more years and typically produce many Pro Bowls and help to win championships. Primadonna QBs that go number one often end up more like Ryan Leaf and Alex Smith. Great potential and less than effective performances on the field. We need to look more at the Jonathan Ogdens and the Orlando Pace’s of the world. If you are going to spend the money in the down economy, dont let the hype fool you into investing into something that may not pay dividends for years to come.

Please think above the song, “You know you like it…. its calling your name”

Be like Pookie in CB4, let the real players convince you, “It keeps calling me…… that Crack just keeps calling me man”


While Stank-0 has complete faith in the Chiefs management.  In Pioli we trust.  Having said, that Werds, this trade doesn’t look good for the Chiefs.  Gonzalez is worth more than a single 2nd round pick.  He was 33 yet still put up his numbers.

Now Pioli could have dumped TGon because he said he was ready to go elsewhere.  Thats option 1.  Option 2 is the Hunt fam decided to let him have a chance to get ringed up elsewhere. 

Back to TGon, how many years does he have left in him? He been doin his thug thizzle for about 11 years now? He can’t have more than 3-4 years left and those will be at a diminished capacity.

Werds, TGon had 12 years of service with the Chiefs and 10 Pro Bowls to correct you.  At 33, he got prolly 2-3 of declining years of performance then about 1-2 years of just hangin on with some team.  He’s not a back so the diminished capacity won’t hurt him.  There was only one Shannon Sharpe and don’t you forget it. 

Another question, will TGon’s move to the NFC break his Pro Bowl streak? There’s a certain Jeremy Shockey in that same division.

Stank-0 is doubtful that TGon won’t make the Pro Bowl.  It’s a popularity contest and he’s a fixture now.  Shockey ain’t takin Gonzalez’ Pro Bowl spot.  Werds, you can forget that. 

TGon, Stank-0 wishes you had stayed but thank you for your years of service, your time with the Greatest Show on Grass, and the lean years.  Stank-0 hopes that you can be as beneficial to the Falcons as you’ve been in KC. 

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