Posted: April 23, 2009 in NBA, playoffs
Is it just Stank-0 has Chauncey Billups been playin possum all season?  If CP3 is the best point in the league (and Stank-0 believes he is) then what does that make CBills?  He is roastin young boy. 

He phreeked it in transition on a fast break with a disgusting hesitation move and finished with a nice lil dime.  Then the spin move on another break and a pull up mid range j. 

Nuggets vs Hornets Game 2 Highlights on Altitude 2009 NBA Playoffs

Billups have been worth the trade for AI.  As much as we here are The S Files love AI’s heart, grit, and trendsetting; it was a deal that absolutely needed to be made.

Now the scene changes down to Nawlins.  CP3 will show up as will the rest of the Hornets.  Mix in a few home calls and this will be quite the game.  Buckle up! 

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