Posted: April 20, 2009 in NBA, playoffs
That’s what Chauncey Billups was doin.  His J was splashin, particularly from distance, goin 8 of 9.  He netted 36 points. 

People may be tempted to say that the Hornets gave up, but Stank-0 sees it a bit differently.  The Hornets fell prey to altitude.  The Hornets’ home floor is below sea level and Denver is a mile above sea level.  By the end of this series, they won’t be as winded but in the early games it will be a factor. 

Stank-0 understands these are athletes, but environment does matter. 

Don’t forget that the Nuggets can score points in bunches.  They got points from everywhere, including J.R. puttin on his own personal show.  J.R. was responsible for 10 straight at one point.  He was crossin over, steppin back, and splashin dudes out there. 

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  1. Mr. Big Shot was on the money again, but got damn JR Smith takes the worst/greatest shots of all time!


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