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Told ya’ll

Posted: April 19, 2009 in Kansas City Royals, MLB
The Royals are now at the top of the AL Central with a 7-4 record.  Did you hear Stank-0?  Top of the AL Central! 

Ed, Stank-0 promises to not make these Royal updates as frequently. 

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NFL team ISO WRs

Posted: April 19, 2009 in NFL, offseason
The Jacksonville Jaguars have released all of their WRs from last year. 

The Jaguars are in need of a veteran receiver. The team released troubled receiver Matt Jones last month after he violated a plea agreement from an earlier drug charge. They also released Jerry Porter and didn’t re-sign free agent Reggie Williams.

That sounds like they are starting from scratch.  Stank-0 thought that Porter and Williams were good receivers, though.  They wouldn’t be cut if they were good.  The Jags might need to blow it up because they continually managed to underwhelm. 

Here’s hoping that Holt can catch on with the Jags and make something happen. 

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